Exhibition of the Vintenko spouses “For those we love…”

    On October 5, 2017 before Artists’ Day an opening of the exhibition of paintings and graphic works by the well-knownin Kropyvnytskyi artists, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Yurii Vintenko and his wife Halyna Yarova-Vintenko took place in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. Also a catalogue “For those we love…” was presented within the initiated by the museum art project of the series of art exhibitions “In the painter’s studio”, which is aimed at popularization of work of Kirovohrad artists and presupposes organization of personal exhibitions and publishing of catalogues with articles about artists, their thoughts on fine art and personal studios, with works reproductions which brightly show their creative searches.
    Vintenko Yurii Borysovych (born 1955) – graduate of the Crimea State Art College named after M.S.Samokysh, a participant of regional and national art exhibitions, in his creative work prefers realistic manner of painting and such art genres as landscape and still life.
    Yarova-Vintenko Halyna Hryhorivna (born 1958) graduated from Zahorsk Art and Industrial Training College, works in the sphere ofpainting and decorative art, the favorite genre is still life with flowers.
    Yu.B.Vintenko and H.H.Yarova-Vintenko are deeply involved in teaching, for many years they successfully work in Kirovohrad Children School of Art. Their pupils became laureates and award winners of the national and international competitions of children creative work, many of them continue to develop as artists in art educational establishments.
    More than 70 paintings and graphic works made by the artists in different years, starting from the late 1970s and until now, are shown at the exhibition in the museum.
    Deputy head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Kirovohrad Town Council N.M.Chorna, head of Kirovohrad Regional Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine A.V.Khvrost, Merited Journalist of Ukraine B.P.Kumanskyi, deputy principal of Kirovohrad Children School of Art Zh.A.Lapina, museum workers, artists, teachers, pupils and worshipers of the artists’ work congratulated them on the vernissage. The museum present for all the present was a performance of teachers of Children School of Art. After the official part, Yurii Borysovych Vintenko and his wife Halyna Hryhorivna signed catalogues for everyone who visited their exhibition.

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Catalogue of the Yurii Vintenko and Halyna Yarova-Vintenko’s exhibition “For those we love…” The museum director V.V.Chernova presents the exhibition and the catalogue Congratulatory speech ofdeputy head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of Kirovohrad Town Council N.M.Chorna

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Congratulatory speech of head of Kirovohrad Regional Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine A.V.Khvrost Congratulatory speech ofMerited Journalist of Ukraine B.P.Kumanskyi Congratulatory speech from the staff of Kirovohrad Regional Art Musuem Congratulatory speech ofdeputy principal of Kirovohrad Children School of Art Zh.A.Lapina

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Musical congratulation from teachers of Children School of Art Artists Yu.B.Vintenko and H.H.Yarova-Vintenko with their grandsom Mykhailyk during the exhibition opening Yu.B.Vintenko’s autograph

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During the exhibition opening

    On November 2, 2017 took place a meeting between famous artists a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Yu.B.Vintenko and his wife H.H.Yarova-Vintenko and the students of Art and Graphic Department of the Art Faculty of Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Vynnychenko headed by the assistant professor of the Sub-faculty of Fine Art and Design, Candidate of pedagogic sciences L.V.Harbuzenko.
    Well-known masters and pedagogues of fine art Yu.B.Vintenko and H.H.Yarova-Vintenko sincerely shared their painting secrets with students, demonstrating on their own works peculiarities of art techniques, they also shared their thoughts on creative work and stories about the subject-matters of the paintings.
    After the event a member of the National Union of Folk Artists of Ukraine and laureate of the Regional Award in the sphere of architecture, heraldry and veksilology and decorative and applied art named after Yakiv Pauchenko in the nomination “decorative and applied art” L.V.Harbuzenko thanked on behalf of the students for interesting and informative talk and mentioned that Yu.B.Vintenko and H.H.Yarova-Vintenko have not only a creative but also exceptional educational experience and many graduates of Fine Art Department of Kirovohrad Children School of Art, where they teach, successfully continue their learning at Art Department of the University.

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Artists and pedagogues Yu.B.Vintenko and H.H.Yarova-Vintenko
while telling about their works

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Congratulatory speech of Candidate of pedagogic sciences, the assistant professor of the Sub-faculty of Fine Art and Design L.V.Harbuzenko During the meet the artists event