Town fest in Osmerkin museum

    On September 15, 2018 a celebration of Town Day was held in Kropyvnytskyi. Under a traditional slogan “Town of my dream!”, inhabitants and guests of the town celebrated the 264th anniversary of its foundation. The program of cultural events matched all ages; it covered local history, art, and sports interests and hobbies.
    The traditional “Meeting on Dvortsova” was held on one of the central streets. Different presentations, workshops, performances took place in blocks “Professional”, “Art”, ‘Students”, and “Block of muses” to Teatralna Square and municipal park “Lovalosvkyi”.
    O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum together with other municipal museums within the project “Town in a museum space” besides advertising posters “O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum” and “Artist of architecture Yakiv Pauchenko”, presented two more mobile theme exhibits: an exhibition of author’s photographs of Merited Journalist of Ukraine Ihor Demchuk within the museum art project to Town Day “At the crossroads of Yelisavethrad – Kirovohrad” and an exhibition of reproductions of works by Kirovohrad artists “Pictorial landscapes of the town on the Inhul river”.
    Interactive events for children and adults were also held. The participants answered the quiz “World of fine art” and received the museum booklets and postcards in reward. Children drew with color chalk on the pavement, creating a holiday mood, and ate sweets given by the museum staff. Even newlyweds also decided to declare their love on the pavement.
    But the brightest emotions were induced by a visit of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko, who walked down Dvortsovastreet and congratulated everyone on Town Day. Tamara Samiliak, the director of the publishing house “Imeks-LTD” gifted to the President the photo album “The city of five names. At the crossroads of styles and epochs.Architectural images of the city of Kropyvnytskyi captured by Ihor Demchuk” which was presented in the museum a few days ago.

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Program of Town Day festive events “264 – Town of my dream!” The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko while receiving the photo album about the town as a gift

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Exposition of the museum exhibitions

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Quiz “World of fine art”

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Chalk drawings on the pavement

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Visitors of the museum exhibitions