Video shooting for children’s telecasting studio “KU-razh” in the museum

    On June 15 and 16, 2020, interesting videos about O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum were shown at Viter TV-channel of Informational Agency “Central Ukrainian News Bureau” in the children’s TV show Multiakha. The videos were prepared by the pupils of the children’s telecasting studio “KU-razh” together with their curator Volodymyr Krutous and Nataliia Ustymenko.
    The museum as a venue for the shooting has been chosen not accidentally. Earlier the pupils had already participated in an open lesson on the basic background of journalism and blogging when they had a creative task to prepare and publish a post about the museum on their pages on Facebook and Instagram.
    This time they dramatized scenes telling about the artist Oleksandr Osmerkin, about the house of his uncle architect Yakiv Pauchenko where he had spent his childhood and youth, and about the memorial items from the painter’s studio, which are exhibited in the central hall. A separate video was shot on how to behave in a museum.
    The future TV hosts were all serious and professional about the task. They did rehearsals, picked up the best perspective, made several takes, and were careful about the remarks, pieces of advice, and instructions of their very experienced teachers.
    Volodymyr Krutous is a well-known experienced TV journalist and a famous master of sculpture miniature, in particular on a war-historical theme, which he presented in the museum last year at the personal exhibition.
    We hope that after such an advertisement there will be more visitors to the museum. And we wish the pupils successful realization of their creative plans and a good summer holidays!

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During the shooting of the children’s telecasting studio “KU-razh” in the museum