Charles Landry in A.A.Osmerkin Museum

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   British expert in territory development, Charles Landry, who is a special guest of the International Forum "Creative City" in Kirovograd, visited A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum on January 17, 2012.
   The excursion was conducted in English by a museum researcher. Casual atmosphere dominated during the tour, in fact, it was in the form of conversation, Charles Landry asked about the history of foundation, exhibition activities, popularity of the museum, life, educational and creative development of the artist A.A.Osmerkin and his uncle architect Jakov Pauchenko.
   Special attention was drawn by a drawing of A.Osmerkin's childhood; Charles Landry found some similarities between it and the works of French artist and sculptor Henri Matisse. Charles Landry was interested an impressed by the story of tragic events of the last years of A.A.Osmerkin: accusation in formalism, deprivation of a right to teach and take orders, opening of the court case against himů
   Photo exhibition "Stop and admire", dedicated to Elisavetgrad architect Jakov Pauchenko's creative works, made a pleasant impression on the English guest and, moreover, induced him to take a walk through the city to see on his own eyes architectural landmarks of Kirovograd.

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   Charles Landry wrote an entry about his impression from the visit to the museum in the guest book.

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