Artists from Kropyvnytskyi in Svitlovodsk Gallery

    On June 10, 2021, O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum together with the Kirovohrad Regional Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine came to Svitlovodsk to the gallery “Our Town”. The leading researcher of the museum, Merited Artist of Ukraine Andrii Nadezhdin and the head of the center of artists Andrii Khvorost congratulated the artist from Svitlovodsk Kseniia Bondarenko on the presentation of her personal painting exhibition “In the Direction of Dreams”. This art event took place within the unique art project “Biennale of Naïve Art and Primitivism “Velour Cat” named after Andrii Lipatov to All-Ukrainian Day of Cultural Worker and Folk Art Masters” initiated by the museum in 2020.
    Kseniia Bondarenko as the winner of the Diploma of Grand Prix of the First Biennale, according to the Statute received the right for the personal vernissage in the museum. But considering the current anti-epidemic situation and the fact that the artist is the art manager of the gallery “Our Town” in Svitlovodsk, it was decided to held the exhibition in the artist’s native town. Art elite from Svitlovodsk had a great opportunity to visit the artistic celebration of their talented fellow townswoman and watch an interesting video presentation about the unique master of Naïve Art Andrii Lipatov (1960-2010) after whom the Biennale was named. The presentation was prepared by the museum scientists.
    Not only colleagues and friends came to Kseniia Bondarenko’s vernissage, but also professional artists – a painter Volodymyr Tovkailo and a medallist  Viacheslav Popov who are the members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and laureates of the Regional Award in Fine Art and Study of Art named after Oleksandr Osmerkin. The artist received flowers and words of acknowledgment from Liudmyla Makei, a famous journalist from Kropyvnytskyi and an amateur artist who currently lives in Svitlovodsk. The journalists of the TV channel “UA:KROPYVNYTSKYI” came to cover the art event. The host of the show “Radioden” Kyrylo Polishchuk interviewed the artists Kseniia Bondarenko and the leading researcher of the museum Andrii Nadezhdin – the curator of the art project “Biennale of Naïve Art and Primitivism “Velour Cat” named after Andrii Lipatov”.

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Poster and booklet of the exhibition
with the signatures of Kseniia Bondarenko

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Grand Prix Diploma and the catalog of the First Biennale
of Naïve Art and Primitivism “Velour Cat” named after Andrii Lipatov
in 2020 with the signature of Kseniia Bondarenko

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Artist Kseniia Bondarenko Curator of the Biennale Andrii Nadezhdin while awarding the Grand Prix to Kseniia Bondarenko Congratulatory speech of the head of the Regional Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Andrii Khvorost Congratulatory speech of the journalist Liudmyla Makei

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Artists Volodymyr Tovkailo, Andrii Khvorost, Kseniia Bondarenko, Andrii Nadezhdin, Viacheslav Popov During the shooting of the show “Radioden” for the channel “UA:KROPYVNYTSKYI”

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At the presentation of the exhibition in the Art Gallery “Our Town”
Svitlovodsk, the Kirovohrad Oblast