Laureates of Regional Alexander Osmerkin Award

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Bronislav Kumanskiy
“study and history of arts”

Kumanskiy Bronislav Petrovych (born 03.04.1937), Kirovograd – Honoured journalist of Ukraine (1988), a member of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine (1972), decorated with a medal “Golden medal of Ukrainian journalism” (2006), graduated from Leningrad Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.Repin, now the Russian Academy of Arts, St.-Petersburg, the Russian Federation, Theory and History of Fine Arts Department (1972), art historian, journalist – for popularization of fine arts in Kirovograd region and in Ukraine, creative work of regional painters, publication of problematic articles on fine arts and creative process, information about art exhibitions, open airs, work of art museum in the region.