Laureates of Regional Alexander Osmerkin Award

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Sergiy Shapovalov
“national tradition”

Shapovalov Sergiy Gavrylovych (15.05.1943 - 4.11.2021), Kirovograd - Honoured painter of Ukraine (2008), a member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine (1989), painter, graduated from Kyiv State Art Institute, now the National Academy of Arts and Architecture (1974) – for original creative works of the 1980s -1990s, that consolidate and develop basic principles of Ukrainian realistic painting, which rest upon tradition of the national art school.

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A.Osmerkin's house
Oil on canvas
70ơ93 cm
Still-life. Fish
Oil on canvas
72ơ57 cm
A.Osmerkin's house. Rime
Oil on canvas
67ơ82 cm
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Still-life with sunflower
Oil on canvas
73ơ57,5 cm
Summerhouse. Autumn
Oil on canvas
52ơ47 cm