In art studio of sculptor Viktor Frenchko

   On October 7, 2016 an art and cultural event was held by O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. The event was dedicated to Artist Day and took place in the art studio of Kirovohrad sculptor, member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, laureate of Regional Award in fine arts and study of art named after Olexander Osmerkin in nomination “national tradition” V.Frenchko, which is situated on Dvortsova Str.
   A presentation of a catalogue “In language of plastics. Viktor Frenchko on life and art” prepared by the museum within the framework of an art project of the series of art exhibitions “In the artist’s studio” was an important part of the event. The art project is aimedpopularization of work of Kirovohrad artists and implies organization of personal exhibitions and publishing of catalogues with articles about artists, their reflections on fine art and their personal studios, with reproductions of works which brightly reflect their creative search.
   An exhibition of author’s photo installations from the series “In sculptor’s studio” of a famous Kirovohrad photographer, member of the National Union of journalists of Ukraine O.Shuleshko was opened during the event. O.Shuleshko was one of the initiators of this art event. Exposition was located not only in the sculptor’s studio, but also in the courtyard, creating one exhibition complex.
   Frenchko Viktor Vasyliovtch was born on August 6, 1949 in the village of Pidzamochok, Buchatskii district, Ternopil region. member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine (2012),sculptor. Laureate of Regional Award in fine arts and study of art named after OlexanderOsmerkin in nomination “national tradition” (2009). In 1946 finished Buchatska children’s art school. In 1964-1967 was studying at Sculpture Department of Kyiv State Art School named after T.Shevchenko, then entered Sculpture Department of Kyiv State Art Institute (now National Academy of Fine Art and Architecture) to the studio of People’s Artist of the USSR, academician of Academy of Art of the USSR M.Lysenko. Received Institute diploma with honors in 1973. Was referred o Kirovohrad art-industrial complex of Art fund of Ukraine. Since then lives and works in Kirovohrad (now Kropyvnytskii), where created a lot of works in different genres – sculptural compositions, busts, monuments, memorial signs, memorial plaques.
   Monuments “Memorial to workers of ChervonaZirka, who died at the fronts of Great Patriotic War” and “First tram of Elisavethrad” in Kropyvnytskii, “Cossack-defender” in the village of Torhovytsia, Novoarlhanhelsk district, stele “Nadia Tobilevych-terkovska” in State reserve-museum of I,Tobilevych (karpenko-Karyi) “Khutir Nadiia”, bust of a writer and fighter for Independence of Ukraine Evhen Malaniuk in Novoarkhanhelsk and academician KostiantynaSkriabina in Novomyrhorod, memorial plaques in Kropyvnytskii: to historical figures of mayor OleksanderPashutin and doctor SamuilVaisenberh, and also contemporaries – painters Borysvintenko and Yurii Lutskevych, musicians Heinrich Neuhaus and Yulii Meitus, actor Valerii Deinekin, poet Velerii Honcharenko, journalist Vitalii Tsypin – is an incomplete list of created by the sculptor V.Frenchko by his own and in co-authorship.
   Participant of regional, republican and all-Ukrainian art exhibitions. Works are kept in Kirovohrad Regional Art Museum, O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum, private collections in Ukraine and abroad.
    Artists, architects, art historians, journalists, photographers and worshipers of fine art came to the sculptor’s studio.

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Poster of the exhibition Catalogue “In language of plastics. Viktor Frenchko on life and art” The museum director V.Chernova congratulates the sculptor V.Frenchko and photographer O.Shuleshko

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Leading researcher of the museum A.Nadezhdin while presenting the catalogue “In language of plastics. Viktor Frenchko on life and art” The autograph of the sculptor V.Frenchko The museum director V.Chernova and spouses Frenchko – LudmylaIvanivna and Viktor Vasyliovych in the studio Photographer O.Shuleshko and sculptor V.Frenchko

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During the art event in the studio of the sculptor V.Frenchko

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Fragments of the exposition of the exhibition of the author’s photo installations
of O.Shuleshko from the series “In the artist’s studio”

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Photo by O.Shuleshko from the series “In the sculptor’s studio”