Art lectures on the topic: “Creative work of architects and artists – laureates
of Regional Award named after Yakiv Pauchenko”

    On November 25, 2016 a traditional event – “Art lectures” to the birthday of O.Osmerkin” was held in O.O.Osemerkin Art-Memorial Museum. The topic of lectures was “Creative work of architects and artists – laureates of Regional Award in the sphere of architecture, heraldry and veksilology and decorative and applied art named after Yakiv Pauchenko” to the 150th anniversary of Yakiv Pauchenko.
   The event began with the demonstration of a slide show “From caryatid to hi-tech. Attractions of facade plastic of the town on Inhul”. Dedicated to the 150th anniversary of the artist of architectureYakivPauchenko. Within the framework of the art project of the series of photo exhibitions “At the crossroads of streets of Elisavethrad-Kirovohrad” to Town Day” with art history comments from the leading researcher of the museum, Merited Artist of Ukraine A.Nadezhdin.
   Main participants of this year lectures were students of Art and Graphic Faculty of Art Department of Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Vynnychenko. The students prepared and presented reports on creative achievements of modern Kirovohrad architects and artists of decorative and applied arts. The reports were prepared under the supervision of the teachers- Candidate of Study of Art O.Kyrychenko and Candidates of Pedagogical Sciences Yu.Maliezhyk and L.Harbuzenko.
   The present were interested by video presentations about Merited Artists of Ukraine N.Fedorenko and E.Rudenko, made by students of Kirovohrad Music College together with teacher-methodologist of the subject “History of culture of Kirovohrad Region” L.Frenchko.
   Speech of T.Peniaz – member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine, teacher of the subject “Design of architectural environment” of Kirovohrad College of Construction, was rather informative for the researchers-beginners. The speech was on stages of reconstruction of facade of shop “Real”, located on one of the central streets of our town.
   After the event Candidate of Study of Art, Associate Professor of the Faculty of Fine Art and Design of the Department of Art of Kirovohrad State Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Vynnychenko O.Kyrychenko addressed all the participants with the detailed analysis of the students’ reports. She remarked that more thorough approach is needed in researching during the preparation of public speech.
   The museum director V.Chernova gave Commendation for the active participation in organization and holding of scientific and educational project “Art lectures” to the birthday of O.Osmerkin” to O.Kyrychenko – laureate of Regional Award in fine arts and study of art named after Olexander Osmerkin in nomination “study and history of arts” and the inspirer of the project.

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Program of “Art lectures” to the birthday of O.Osmerkin” The museum director V.Chernova while opening the event

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The leading researcher of the museum A.Nadezhdin while presenting the slide show Speech of the teacher of Kirovohrad College of Construction T.Peniaz Final word of Candidate of Study of Art O.Kyrychenko

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During the art lecture