Gift to Olexandr Osmerkin Musuem

   At the beginning of 2017 O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum received a unique gift – a book by a famous Russian artist Raisa Mykolaivna Zelinska-Plate “Among chemists and artists. Diaries of my life”, published in Moscow in 2011. The book compilers are the artist’s sons – chemist, academician, vice-president Russian Academy of Sciences Mykola Alfredovych Plate and journalist international, expert in Chinese language and culture Feliks Alfredovych Plate, who sent the book by post. The museum staff is infinitely grateful for this.
   In the chapter “At the Osmerkinth” R.M.Zelinska-Plate (1910-2011) – a daughter of a prominent chemist M.D.Zelinskyi, rather warmly and cordially writes about her teacher and friend O.O.Osmerkin, about the dramatic events during his last years of life, about his wife Nadia Heorhiivna – an initiator of foundation of the memorial museum of the painter in his natite town in the house where he had spent his childhood and youth.
It is rather symbolic to receive such a book which contains reminiscences about professor of painting O.O.Osmerkin whose 125th anniversary will be this year.
   Works of R.M.Zelinska are kept in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. The museum received them to its collection from Russian Fund of culture in 1994 before the museum opening. Also some of the works were presented to the museum by the painter herself during the meetings with the museum staff.

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Book by R.Zelinska-Plate “Among chemists and artists.
Diaries of my life” (Moscow, 2011)
with signature of her younger son F.Plate to the museum

Photographs from the book by R.M.Zelinska-Plate
“Among chemists and artists. Diaries of my life”:

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Raisa Zelinska-Plate R.Zelinska-Plate with her father M.Zelinskyi, husband A.Plate and sons Raisa Zelinska-Plate with her sons - Mykola and Feliks Plate

Works of R.M.Zelinska-Plate from the collection of
O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum

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Portrait of O.H.Habrychevskyi
Pencil on paper
42ő59 cm
Portrait of painter Ye.B.Helms
Charcoal on paper
53ő38 cm
Portrait of painterI.V.Dmitriyev
Oil on canvas
80ő60 cm
Frost. (In memory of O.O.Osmerkin)
Oil on canvas
60ő45 cm