Lectures at the museum

    Gallery of children’s art” has been being held in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum for many years. Its goal is presenting of exhibitions of children’s work, promotion of the best works of young artists, involvement of children in fine art. A significant component of the gallery is series of lectures “World of fine art”. Its main task is general art education of pupils – introduction of history of fine art, education of high aesthetic sense through contemplation of the best pieces of art, graphic art and sculpture.
    Within the framework of this educational project the leading research officer of the museum, art historian, Merited Artist of Ukraine A.M.Nadezhdin hosted informational events in Kirovohrad children’s school of art named after O.O.Osmerkin. The events were dedicated to the 125th anniversary of O.O.Osmerkin.
    On March 13, 2017 a lecture and video presentation on the theme “Female images in O.O.Osmerkin creative work” took place. It was dedicated to the 8th of March. Pupils together with their teachers listened to professional artistic narration about peculiarities of creative pursuit of O.O.Osmerkin, particularly in portrait genre, and stories of painting of beautiful female characters. A bright illustration of an artistic trip through the gallery of the artist’s oeuvre became a travelling exhibition of reproductions “Female portrait in O.O.Osmerkin creative work”, which was shown by the museum in the foyer of the school.
    On March 23, 2017 was organized a lecture video presentation on the topic of “Theatre in O.O.Osmerkin work” to the International Theatre Day (March 27), during which pupils and teachers of the school had unique opportunity to get acquainted with original photographs of O.O.Osmerkin in theatrical costumes from the family album, which were given to the museum by the artist’s widow Nadiia Heorhievna. Also they were lucky to see rare copies of photo and documentary materials from Russia State Archive of Literature and Art (Moscow, Russian Federation), which show theatrical activity of the artist. A jewel of the event became a wonderful exhibition of puppets created by young artists under the supervision of a teacher T.L.Bondar, displayed in the foyer of the school. The exhibition was dedicated to the International Day of Puppeteer – professional holiday of workers of the puppet dramatic art, which is celebrated on March 21.

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Duringthe lecture video presentation on the topic
“Female images in O.O.Osmerkin creative work”

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Exhibition of reproductions
“Female images in O.O.Osmerkin
creative work”

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During the lecture video presentation on the topic “Theatre in O.O.Osmerkin work” Exhibition of puppets by the pupils of Children’s School of Art named after O.O.Osmerkin