Osmerkin Museum at “Art quarter” on Town Day

    On September 16, 2017 263rd anniversary of the foundation of the town was celebrated in Kropyvnytskyi, Kirovohrad until recent and Elisavethrad from the foundation, under the slogan “Town of my dream!”. Numerous festive events were held on the venues of the central streets and in neighborhoods, at the square of Heroi Maidanu, in Kovalibskii park and on the island Kozachyi. “Meeting on Dvortsova” in the quarters “Professional”, “Quarter of town projects”, “Art”, “Student” and “Muse’s quarter” took place different theme exhibitions, art presentations, workshops, art plein-airs and performances of art groups.
   In the quarter “Art”, which was situated on Dvortsova (from Dekabrysty Street to Shulhiny Street) O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum together with other town museums, libraries, art school and school of arts presented two theme travelling displays:photo-documental “Town of Yakiv Pauchenko” about Elisavethrad architect, whose buildings are architectural gems of the historic center of the town, and exhibition of reproductions “Female portrait in O.O.Osmerkin creative work”, dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the artist, which attracted the attention of numerous viewers, among who was mayor of the town A.P.Raikovych and people's deputy of Ukraine K.V.Yarynich.
    Townspeople enjoyed fulfilling the creative tasks – to find ten differences in the two variants of O.O.Osmerkin’s paintings “Green coat. Portrait of N.H.Osmerkina” of 1947 and “Portrait of V.K.Yurkevych” of 1948, and also to draw graphic illustrations to the book by a modern fellow-poet Anatolii Chernysh “Riddles in coloring pictures”, “About the sun and crane, arrow-wood and letter ß” and others, made by a well-known in town Merited Artist of Ukraine A.M.Nadezhdin.
    But the richest emotions were from the competition of children drawings on the pavement “Town of my dream!”. Festive imagination of children was limitless and boldly embraced nearly half of the block making the by-passers stop and look at the drawings with a smile remembering their carefree childhood.

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Program of the celebration of Town Day of Kropyvnytslyi “263 – Town of my dream!”
001 Exposition of the exhibition “Town of Yakiv Pauchenko”
Exposition of the exhibition “Town of Yakiv Pauchenko” Exposition of the exhibition“Female portrait in O.O.Osmerkin creative work”

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The town mayor A.P.Raikovych while looking through the museum exhibitions The museum director V.V.Chernova while presenting the exhibitions to the people’s deputy of Ukraine K.V.Yarynich

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Coloring pictures and creative tasks

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Competition of children drawing on the pavement “Town of my dream!”

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Visitors of the museum exhibitions