Artistic lectures to the 125th anniversary of painter and pedagogue O.O.Osmerkin

   On November 24, 2017 a traditional event – “Artistic lectures” took place in Art-Memorial Museum named after Oleksandr Osmerkin. This year lectures were dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the professor of painting and the topic was “Painting school of Oleksandr Osmerkin”.
   The event was opened by the museum director V.V.Chernova, who told about pedagogical work of O.O.Osmerkin and about the museum collection of paintings and graphic works of artists - his students.
   The lectures started with the display of a unique documentary film “Golgotha of Oleksandr Osmerkin” that was shot in 1989 during the presentation of a scale retrospective exhibition of paintings and graphic works by O.O.Osmerkin in Central House of Painter in Moscow. The widow of the artist Nadiia Heorhiivna told about creative search of the painter and about rather dramatic events, which took place during the last years of his life.
   Active participants of the exhibition were students of the Art and Graphic department of the Art Faculty of Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Vynnychenko. Under the guidance of their lecturers Art History PhD O.I.Kyrychenko, PhD in Pedagogy L.V.Harbuzenko and Yu.M.Malezhyk, senior lecturer L.O.Kulinich prepared and presented reports on work of famous soviet artists of the latter half of the XX century – graduates of the O.O.Osmerkin studio, whose works are kept in the museum funds.
   It was interesting to listen to the presentations on work and life of the artist prepared by the students of College of Construction, specialty “architectural design and interior”. The projects were prepared under the supervision of T.O.Peniaz, a member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine.
All the present were impressed by the film “Oleksandr Osmerkin… In love with art” from the series “The world in sensual images”, that was presented by the teacher-methodologist in “History of culture of Kirovohrad region” of Musical College L.I.Frenchko.
   Closing word was said by the associate professor of the Art Department of the University, PhD in Art O.I.Kyrychenko and the leading research officer of the museum, Merited Artist of Ukraine A.M.Nadezhdin, who mentioned that participation in such educational events encourage students to make scientific researches and study about the history of art of our town and region, and also popularize achievements of prominent artists.

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Program “Artistic lectures” on the topic “Painting school of Oleksandr Osmerkin” The museum director V.V.Chernova while opening the event Speech of PhD in Art O.I.Kyrychenko Speech of Merited Artist of Ukraine A.M.Nadezhdin

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During the artistic lectures