Vernissage of art, music and poetry

    On February 8, 2019, a very interesting and festive art event took place in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. It started with the presentation of the art exhibition “Her Majesty – a Woman…” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the establishment of Kirovohrad Regional Organization of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine that harmoniously passed into an emotional reading of timeless poetry about the fair sex by Mykola Barabulia. A wonderful concert “The Music of Soul” by the students of the Music College wrapped up the event.
    The exposition of the exhibition comprised paintings and graphic works by famous fellow-artists from the museum funds “Modern Ukrainian Visual Art” – People’s Artist of Ukraine Mykhailo Nadezhdin, Merited Artists of Ukraine Anatolii Yaniev, Feliks Polonsky, and Andrii Nadezhdin, members of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Ihor Smychek, Lubov and Volodymyr Kyrianovy, Olha Kolomiiets, Oleksandr Lohvynuk, Anatolii Dvorskyi, Volodymyr Plitin, Fedir Lahno, and also one of the older members of the regional center of the artists – Volodymyr Fedorov.
    During the opening of the exhibition, Andrii Khvorost, the chairman of the board of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine, told that it was symbolic that the events, dedicated to the celebration of the union members’ anniversaries, began with such an exhibition because amazing women had been inspiring artists at all times.
    While presenting the exhibition, Andrii Nadezhdin, the curator of the exhibition, a leading researcher of the museum, Merited Artist of Ukraine, mentioned: “The exhibited works brightly reflect not only art preferences of each artist but also general traits of the development of modern Ukrainian painting. A portrait has always been a complicated genre where form and content, the emotion of a portrayed person, and an artist’s desire are closely intertwined”.
The gem of the vernissage was a concert performed by the students of Musical College on a class of violin Kateryna Pauchenko and Nataliia Martyniuk. The concert program, chosen by the teacher Nataliia Karaban and accompanier Svitlana Kontsedalova, included works of famous composers Johann Sebastian Bach, Max Bruch, Benjamin Britten, and Serhii Prokofiev.
    The worshipers of visual and music arts, who came to the museum, have been enjoying contemplating the museum items and taking photographs by the paintings they liked. For example, the young violinists and their accompanier took a photo on the background of the landscape by Anatolii Yaniev, Merited Artist of Ukraine, “Before the concert”.

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Poster and fragments of the exposition of the exhibition
“Her Majesty – a Woman…”

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Congratulatory speech by the chairman of the board of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine Andrii Khvorost Speech by Merited Artist of Ukraine Andrii Nadezhdin Poetic congratulation by Mykola Barabulia Speech by a teacher of Musical College Nataliia Karaban

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Poster of the concert “Music of the soul” and performances of the students
of Musical College Kateryna Pauchenko and Nataliia Martyniuk

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During the artistic event