Meet and greet event with a master of art-quilling Liudmyla Kryvenko

    On February 27, 2019, a meet and greet event with a master of decorative and applied arts Liudmyla Kryvenko washeld. Artworks of the masterin patchwork, scraps sewing, art-quilling are shown in the exposition of the exhibition of this year nominees for the Regional Awardin the sphere of architecture, heraldry, vexillology, and decorative and applied art named after Yakiv Pauchenko in the nomination “decorative and applied art”.
    Teachers and pupils of Art School named after Oleksandr Osmerkin together with the director Hanna Tymofiienko came to the art event. They carefully listened to Liudmyla Ivanivna’s narration about the history of patchwork, its development, and also about her experience of creative search while working on textile mosaics panels, and sharing her secrets. As was mentioned by Liudmyla Ivanivna: “The thing I have been doing for more than ten years is called art-quilling”. So, when looking at the creative works of the master, young artists asked about the way a theme and a plot are born, and how much time it takes to realize them, what fabrics to use and what techniques are used to process them.
    Everyone was impressed by a story told by Ludmyla Ivanivna about her textile panels being shown at different international and national festivals and exhibitions of textile art. A gem of the author’s tour around the exhibition was a story about motanka dolls and toys that she creates from natural materials.
    At the end of the meet and greet event, a photoshoot with an artist took place. She gifted to the Art School samples of her works made from different textures using traditional methods of ancient folk, modern, and author’s techniques – patchwork, art stitching, appliques from a fabric, scraps smalt, and scraps painting. The school director Hanna Tymofienko said that these works would be a unique methodical material for teachers to use at their lessons.

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At the meet and greet event with Liudmyla Kryvenko and pupils and teachers
of Art School named after O.O.Osmerkin