Olha Kolomirets workshop in vytynanka

    On March 14, 2019, a workshop ofan artist,member of the National Unions of Artists and Folk Art Masters of Ukraine, Olha Kolomiiets, was held in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum in the hall, where the artist’s personal exhibition “Ukrainian Baroque in Olha Kolomiets’s vytynanky” is shown. The exhibition is presented within a new museum art project of a series of art exhibitions “Laureates of the Regional Award in the sphere of architecture, heraldry, vexillology and decorative and applied art named after Yakiv Pauchenko”.
    Olha Kolomiiets workshop was initiated by Iryna Zantariia, the lecturer of the Design Department of Kropyvnytskyi Institute “University of Modern Knowledge”, a high-achiever of education, who came to the museum with her students.
    During the meet and greet event, Olha Kolomiiets told how the first vytynanky had appeared after the paper was invented, and how this kind of decorative art became the traditional Ukrainian folk art, and about the peculiarities of the technique. She also mentioned what had inspired her to create an art project “Art Heritage”, which presents the author’s vytynanky interpretations of the works of Ukrainian visual art and decorative and applied art from the collections of the leading Ukrainian museums, including painting images of “Cossack Mamai”, who is a sacral symbol of Ukrainian people.
    The artist suggested creating the image of the legendary Cossack at her workshop in the vytynanka technique. Nearly for 90 minutes the museum hall turned into a studio where creative students and pupils together with specialists from the Department of Culture and Tourism tried their skills in a paper cutting under the supervision of OlhaKolomiiets. As said by the artist, Cossack, who plays bandura, will guard not only a person who created him but also the whole family.
    Communication with the artist, personal creative work in the historical building filled with an atmosphere of art is a real fest of harmony, so words of acknowledgment were said to the talented master, Olha Kolomiiets who put her autographs on the vytynanky of the participants. Vita Chernova, the museum director, presented the artist with jubilee envelopes with stamps depicting buildings built on the projects of Yakiv Pauchenko as an addition to the artist’s personal philatelic collection. The director also suggested holding a workshop, within the project “A Visit to the Museum” to the International Museum Day, dedicated to the creation of vytynanky of a prominent architect’s buildings, including a building of the museum.

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Lecturer Iryna Zantariia while presenting the artist Olha Kolomiets to the students Congratulatory speech of the museum director Vita Chernova Author’s vytynanka by Olha Kolomiiets “Cossack who plays bandura” that was gifted to the museum Olha Kolomiiets while showing the author’s sketch “Cossack who plays bandura” that was used to create vytynanky

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During the workshop