Exhibition of sculpture miniatures by Volodymyr Krutous

    On March 28, 2019, O.O.Osmerkin hosted the opening of the personal exhibition of sculpture miniatures by Volodymyr Krutous “To Me!” dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the artist.
    Krutous Volodymyr Vasyliovych (born 1969) is an electrical engineer by degree, graduated from Kirovohrad Institute of Agricultural Engineering (Central Ukrainian National Technical University) in 1991, works as a journalist; for many years, has been working as a TV host of programs for children in Kirovohrad Regional Television and Radio Broadcasting Company; currently is the head of children cinema and television studio “Ku-razh”, operates a blog http://krutous.blogspot.com/; artist by vocation.
    For about 30 years, has been engaged in sculpture miniature, war-historical theme, in particular; created more than one thousand works from wood and foam plastic ata scale of 1:23, the majority of them are kept in the museum and private collections in Ukraine and abroad. A participant of many regional and national exhibitions of decorative art; presented his personal exhibitions in Regional Local History Museum and Regional Art Museum, Regional Scientific Library named after D.I.Chyzhevskyi in Kropyvnytskyi, in Svitlovodsk Local History Museum, and also in Kyiv Palace of Culture “Ukraine”.
    The current exhibition exposition consists of about 150 miniatures from the series Ukrainian Cossacks, Zaporozhian Host, Kharakternyky (Wise men in the Zaporozhian Sich), Ukrainian women, Guardian Angels, and Historical Portrait Gallery that were created in 2000-2019. An interesting addition to the exhibition is color photographs of Volodymyr Krutous of different years. The photographs show the artist at exhibitions of decorative art and when he worked on TV. Also, an installation The Artist’s Studio from the tools and other materials he used when creating the miniatures completes the exhibition.
    During the exhibition opening everyone was surprised by the videos about the creative hobby of Volodymyr Krutous that earlier were shown both on regional and national TV-channels.
    Volodymyr Krutous was congratulated on the anniversary and exhibition opening by Oleksandra Prenko, a curator of the regional center of the National Union of Artists of Folk Art of Ukraine, Merited Master of Folk Art of Ukraine, Nataliia Demekhova, leading materials developer of Decorative and Applied and Visual Art of Regional Center of Folk Art, Andrii Nadezhdin, the curator of the exhibition, leading researcher of the museum, Merited Artist of Ukraine, and Vita Chernova, the museum director, who presented a traditional gift cup with the museum image. Town Department of Culture and Tourism, the staff of the Regional Art Museum, colleagues-journalists, artists, and pupils also congratulated the artist. The artist himself enjoyed signing autographs on the exhibition booklets published by the museum.
    The first visitor of the exhibition a day before its opening became students of the Design Faculty of Kropyvnytskyi Institute Private Higher Education Institution “University of Modern Knowledge” headed by Iryna Zantariia, a teacher and a high-achiever of education of Ukraine.

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Booklet of the exhibition “Personal Exhibition of miniatures by Volodymyr Krutous “To Me!” The artist Volodymyr Krutous Congratulatory speech by the museum director Vita Chernova Congratulatory speech by Oleksandra Prenko, Merited Master of Folk Art of Ukraine

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Congratulatory speech by Andrii Nadezhdin, Merited Artist of Ukraine Congratulatory speech by Nataliia Demekhov, leading materials developer of Decorative and Applied and Visual Art of Regional Center of Folk Art Congratulatory speech by Olha Kolomiiets, the artist Congratulatory speech by the staff of the Regional Art Museum

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Autograph by Volodymyr Krutous on the booklet of the exhibition

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During the exhibition opening

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First visitors – students of Kropyvnytskyi Institute
Private Higher Education Institution “University of Modern Knowledge”