A lesson in journalistic and blog development from Volodymyr Krutous

    On April 10, 2019, O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum hosted a meet-and-greet event with Volodymyr Krutous, the master of sculpture miniature. His personal exhibition is presented in one of the museum halls.
    The event was held as a demonstration lesson in basic background of journalism and blogging. Pupils of children cinema and television studio “Ku-razh” came to get new knowledge. Volodymyr Krutous is known as a television journalist – a TV host of TV shows for children “Kukaracha”, “12 credits”, “Good Night Show” on regional television, many-times diploma winner of the National Festival of Film and Television and Radio Shows for Children and Youth “Golden Chicken”. Nowadays, he together with his colleague Nataliia Ustymenko head the studio where children are taught skills of public speakingand other secrets. Besides, Volodymyr Krutous operates his own blog.
    The pupils received a creative task to write an article about the meeting with the artist and their impressions from the exhibition of his works, add photos and to post it on their Facebook and Instagram pages.
    Young journalists enjoyed realizing the task as it was a competition where a winner will get a prize from the artist. First of all, the pupils viewed the exposition of Volodymyr Krutous’s personal exhibition, who showed the author’s works from the series: Ukrainian Cossacks, Guardian Angels, and Historical Portrait Gallery as well as his working equipment – tools, foam plastic, wood pieces of different species, manuals, other materials he uses when creating the miniatures that are exhibited in an improvised Artist Studio. Also, the pupils visited the other halls of the museum, including the memorial hall dedicated to the life and work of Oleksandr Osmerkin, Professor of Painting. To get more information about the artist and the museum the participants of the event visited the museum website. They looked through the interesting sections Selected Events and Selected Exhibitions and found a lot of interesting material about the presentation of Volodymyr Krutous’s personal exhibition at his birthday to use it for a post.
    A creative task was quickly done and three participants of the journalism competition got presents from Volodymyr Krutous – booklets of his personal exhibition with the autograph.
     And the museum got more potential virtual visitors who seek art news on its website.

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Volodymyr Krutous while presenting his miniature works
to the pupils of children and youth cinema and television studio “Ku-razh”

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While performing a creative task on the basic background of journalism and blogging