Vytynanka Vernissage to Youth Day

    On June 25, 2019, an exhibition “Vytynanka about EVERYTHING” and a themed booklet of creative works by students of the Subdepartment of Visual Arts and Design of the Department of Art of the Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after Volodymyr Vynnychenko was opened in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. The event took place within the youth art-project “New Generation” to Youth Day.
    The exposition of the exhibition includes more than 60 works in vytynanka technique by the students of 2nd and 3rd years from the series “based on Volodymyr Vynnychenko’s works”, “Architectural heritage of Yelisavethrad”, “Preservation of flora and fauna of Ukraine”, “Polish vytynanka”, “Tree of life”, “Vase”, “Guardian Angels” created between 2018-2019 years under the supervision of Larysa Harbuzenko, Ph.D. in Pedagogics, Associate Professor, within the study course “Decorative and Applied Art” and “Ethnodesign”.
    The vytynanka vernissage was opened by the leading researcher of the museum, Merited Artist of Ukraine, Andrii Nadezhdin, who handed the Letter of   Appreciation and the booklet with the exhibited works to the curator of the exhibition, a member of the National Union of Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine, laureate of the Regional Award in Architecture, Heraldry, and Vexillology, and Decorative and Applied Art named after Yakiv Pauchenko in the nomination “decorative and applied art”, Larysa Harbuzenko. The curator mentioned that “Vytynanka can express anything. About Vynnychenko, about architecture, about traditions. From the applied significance it transfers into graphic one. It is modern here. Keeping scissors in our hands is a tradition. We have also shown vytynanka in the interior – a lamp, a panel, a clock, a pillow, a tablecloth, a screen”.
    Nelia Chorna, deputy head of the Department of Culture and Tourism of the City Council of Kropyvnytskyi, came to congratulate students on the exhibition opening. She wished young artists creative inspiration and realization of their art plans. Also, a famous master, member of the National Union of Artists and Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine, OlhaKolomiets highly appreciated the students’ works in this difficult and versatile technique.
     Viktoriia Sliushchenko, a participant of the exhibition, graduate of the Children’s School of Arts, delivered a speech on the behalf of the creative youth.

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Poster of the exhibition Booklet of the exhibition
“Vytynanka about EVERYTHING”

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Andrii Nadezhdin, a leading researcher, and Larysa Harbuzenko,
Ph.D. in Pedagogics, the curator of the exhibition, while opening the exhibition

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Congratulatory speech of Nelia Chorna, deputy head of the Department of Culture and Tourism Congratulatory speech of Olha Kolomiets, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine and the National Union of Masters of Folk Art of Ukraine Speech of Viktoriia Sliushchenko, a student

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During the exhibition opening

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Photo by Oleksandr Kozlovskyi, the press correspondent of the media portal “Tochka Dostupu”