Experts’ and Colleagues’ Visit to the Museum

    On October 29, 2019, experts of Ukrainian State Institute for Cultural Heritage headed by the head of the Department for Promotion and Preservation of Cultural Heritage Objects of the Western Region, head of the Ukrainian National Committee ICOMOS Mykola Haida for the invitation of the Subdepartment for Preservation of Cultural Heritage of the Department for Town Planning and Architecture of the City Council of Kropyvnytskyi, for three days, they have been studying the historical areal of Kropyvnytskyi and worked out areas of the cultural heritage sites. After studying the museum building and the exposition of the memorial hall and the themed exhibition “Architect Yakiv Pauchenko and his town” to the 265th anniversary of the town foundation, the scientists talked with the museum director Vita Chernova and the leading researcher Andrii Nadezhdin about the archive researches on the masters of architecture in Yelisavethrad at the end of the 19th – the beginning of the 20th century. The guests also shared their impressions in the Guestbook.
    On October 31, 2019, the museum welcomed the listeners of the Information and Tourism Center of the Regional Universal Scientific Library named after D.I.Chyzhevskyi. Together with the non-governmental organization “Ekskurs-inform” supported by the Department for Culture and Tourism of the City Council of Kropyvnytskyi organized a guided tour “Time Machine”, with elements of theatricalization, around the town. The guided tour was dedicated to International Tourism Day (September, 27). Everybody had the opportunity to get acquainted with the legendary historical characters, become a part of the history and take part in the theatrical performance. Colleague tour guides were fascinated by the narration of the leading researcher of the museum, art historian Andrii Nadezhdin about the creative work of outstanding artists – the painter Oleksandr Osmerkin and the architect Yakiv Pauchenko. The museum director Vita Chernova presented the guests with themed booklets and “Travel guide around the town”, that will be useful when conducting the tours.

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During the visit of experts of the Ukrainian State Institute For Cultural Heritage

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During the visit of the listeners of the Information and Tourism Center
of the Regional Universal Scientific Library named after D.I.Chyzhevskyi