Rescueworkers in the museum

    On June 15, 2020, the guard duty staff of Kirovohrad municipal and district Department of Civil Service Department of Ukraine for Emergencies in Kirovohrad Region (head colonel of civil defense service Valerii Zhylin) provided emergency assistance in taking away the branches, that have been broken because of rough weather at night, near the building of O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum, which is the Monument of History, Town Planning, and Architecture of 1899 (the house of the architect Yakiv Pauchenko) and is the landmark of the historical center of the town of Kropyvnytskyi.
    The emergency response group worked quickly and carefully because the linden which grows in front of the museum is also rather old. This huge tree is higher than the museum building and has witnessed a lot of events that took place on Architect Pauchenko Street.
    To thank the rescue workers, the scientists invited them to the museum and told the history of the building where the future artist and pedagogue Oleksandr Osmerkin had spent his childhood and youth, about his dramatic life and career, and also about the work of a talented Yelisavethrad architect Yakiv Pauchenko.
    The guided tour was very laconic because the emergency response group must react to a callout in a moment and observe harsh discipline. We express most heartfelt thanks to the staff of the Department of Emergencies and Civil Defense of the City Council of the town of Kropyvnytskyi who organized help for the museum requested by the Department of Culture and tourism. Itís nice to feel under the reliable protection of Ukrainian rescue workers!

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