August plein air near the museum

   In August 2020, famous artists from Kropyvnytskyi, a painter Olha Kolomiiets and an architect Iryna Kukharenko organized plein air near the building of O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum which resulted in watercolor and pictorial studies of the landmark in the historical center of our town. The images of the architectural monument are filled with sunlight and energy of creative power.
    The museum building has always attracted painters who, being fascinated with its elegant architecture, create its portraits. It can't be otherwise because it was home to a talented Yelisavethrad architect Yakiv Pauchenko. A creative spirit and atmosphere of art had always been there. And the architect’s nephew, Oleksandr Osmerkin, was brought up in this atmosphere.
    The museum staff keeps to the tradition of art. It can be proved by numerous exhibitions of modern Ukrainian art, such as personal exhibitions of a member of the National Union of Architects of Ukraine Iryna Kukharenko “Graphic Works by Iryna Kukharenko” to Architects Day (2020) and a member of the National Union of Artists and Folk Art Artists of Ukraine, a laureate of the Regional Award in Architecture, Heraldry, Vexillology, Decorative and Applied Art named after Yakiv Pauchenko in the nomination “decorative and applied art” Olha Kolomiiets “Ukrainian Baroque in Vytynankas by Olha Kolomiiets” (2019) who conducted an interesting workshop of recreating a wonderful museum building in the technique of vytynanka.

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Artist Olha Kolomiiets en plein air near the museum and her painting

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Architect Iryna Kukharenko en plein air near
the museum and her watercolor and painting