Olha Krasnopolska’s Vernissage “Half a Head”

    On August 28, 2020, O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum hosted an opening of the personal exhibition of works by a talented young painter from Kropyvnytskyi Olha Rizdvianska-Krasnopolska “Half a Head”.
    The author explains the extraordinary title of the exhibition “Half a Head” in psychological context, because her specialty is “visual art and practical psychology” –everyone constantly generates different thoughts, ideas, fantasies, but only artists can reflect it in their art, poetic, musical works. Olha invites all the fans of visual art to her world – real and delusive at the same time.
    The exposition offers almost fifty paintings and graphic works the majority of which were created in 2020, as Olha told at the presentation, the period of the lockdown. The town landscapes, floral still lifes, unique themed compositions, and also interesting author’s installations impress emotionally and encourage to contemplate on the sense of existence.
    The artist decided to present the exhibition under the double surname. She mentioned that some people know her as Rizdvianska when she studied at Children Art School named after O.O.Osmerkin and then in the Pedagogical University named after V.Vynnychenko at the Department of Arts, and some people – as Krasnopolska, the head of a private visual art studio “Muza”in the gallery “Yelisavethrad” and a teacher of the Department of Visual Art in Children School of Arts.
    People from all over the town, relatives, friends, fellow students, artists, pupils, and colleagues-teachers from Children School of Arts, as well as the director of the school Svitlana Medviedieva, came to congratulate Olha on the vernissage. The museum staff presented Olha with a souvenir cup with the photo image of the museum building and a booklet of the exhibition. The artist signed the booklets of all the guests.
    The present were fascinated by the exhibition and an improvised concert. Oleksandr Kyrianov, Olha’s fellow student, currently the teacher in Art School named after O.O.Osmerkin, played the guitar and read the poetry of the author of the exhibition. A young poet Maryna Yermilova and a journalist Serhii Kopotiienko, who performed his works, joined the musical and poetic part of the event.

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Poster of the exhibition Booklet of the exhibition

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Artist Olha Krasnopolska Congratulatory speech of the museum director Vita Chernova Congratulatory speech of Merited Artist of Ukraine Andrii Nadezhdin Olha Krasnopolska while presenting the booklet of the exhibition

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Olha Krasnopolska with the staff of Children School of Arts Olha Krasnopolska with a colleague, artist Yurii Vintenko Olha Krasnopolska with the participants of the studio “Muza” Olha Krasnopolska with mother

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Musical and poetic part of the vernissage.
The performance of a artist Oleksandr Kyrianov,
a poet Maryna Yermilova, and a journalist Serhii Kopotiienko

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During the exhibition opening