A creative meeting of a painter-countryman Viktor Orly from Marseilles (France)

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   A creative meeting of a painter-countryman Viktor Orly from Marseilles (France) with cultural workers of Kirovograd Region took place in A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum on July 11, 2011. The painter presented A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum and Kirovograd Regional Art Museum with two of his paintings.
   Painter Viktor Orly (Gennady Grebnev) was born on February 20, 1962 in Kirovogard, Ukraine. He finished Kirovograd children’s art school named after A.Osmerkin. The artist graduated from A.S.Pushkin Kirovograd State Pedagogical Institute (now V.Vynnychenko Kirovograd State Pedagogical University). Since 2004 the painter has been living and working in Marseilles (France).
   A new artistic name - Viktor Orly has a symbolic meaning for Gennady Grebnev, because Victory in Latin means triumph, and Orly in French is connected with a surname of the author of the first European constitution Cossack colonel Pylyp Orlyk.
Artist’s works combine both traditions of a classical painting and modern neoimpressionist trends.
   Viktor Orly occupies himself with ceramics, artistic painting of interiors and exteriors, restoration of churches, artistic book design. He participates in different exhibitions and art contests.
   Art works of Viktor Orly were honoured with 1st Prize of Show “Autour de la peche”, Marseilles, 2005; medal of International Show “Nantes – facade of the Atlantic”, Nantes, 2006; 1st Prize Castellet Grand Prix of Painting, Castellet, 2007; Prize of Castellet, Castellet, 2009.
   The painter’s works are kept in private collections of Ukraine, Russia, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, China, the United States of America.

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