Town Day in Kropyvnytskyi in Knyharnia “Ye”

    On September 18, 2020 before the Town Day in Kropyvnytskyi, O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum took part in the educational event in the bookstore “Knyharnia “Ye” in Kropyvnytskyi. A discussion on the topic “Town which was created by Andrii Lipatov. A talk on myth of Kropyvnytskyi, created by the artist Andrii Lipatov” was held within the lecture course.
    The leading researcher of the museum, Merited Artist of Ukraine, and art historian Andrii Nadezhdin talked about the work of Andrii Lipatov (1960-2010) who was an engineer by specialty but an artist in his heart. Andrii Nadezhdin answered interesting questions of the moderator of the event, a famous literary historian, candidate of Philological Sciences, and a member of the National Union of Writers of Ukraine Nadiia Harmazii and mentioned: “An artist can’t create myths; usually they are created by the society and an artist demonstrates personal view of life by his/her works. And in his paintings, Andrii Lipatov created his own, special town where hopes and happy future, illusions about good past and a wish for the peaceful, comfortable present interlace. His town is a country of dreams always, despite the historical peculiarities of the development, the change of names from Yelisavethrad to Kropyvnytskyi, filled with powerful, born by nature Ukrainian spirit, which manifests in everyday routines, communication, creative work”.
    The reproductions of Andrii Lipatov’s paintings and rare postcards of his paintings “From the railway station to the municipal garden” depicting life of the old Yelisavethrad, became great illustrations for the art event. The souvenir set was published by Andrii Lipatov at his own cost in 2004. The artist dedicated it to the 250th anniversary of his native town. This edition is still of great interest. Last year, an image of one of Andrii Lipatov’s paintings, from the postcard set, “A walk along Dvortsova Street” was recreated in a mural on the wall of the Regional Art Museum, now the Museum of Arts. The mural became another landmark of the town by Inhul observed by the loving artist Andrii Lipatov from the mythic window.
    The art project “Biennale of Naive Art and Primitivism “Velour Cat” named after Andrii Lipatov” founded by the museum honors the memory of a unique artist that was in love with the town he lived in.

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Poster of the exhibition Nadiia Harmazii and Andrii Nadezhdin during the event in “Knyharnia “Ye” Mural with the image of Andrii Lipatov’s painting “A walk along Dvortsova Street” and his self-portrait at the wall of the Museum of Arts in Kropyvnytskyi
Photo: Oleksandr Shuleshko

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Andrei Lipatov “From the railway station to the municipal garden”.
A set of souvenir postcards from O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum collection