“A Visit to the Museum - 2021” during the lockdown

    On May 15 and 18, 2021, a cultural and art educational event “A Visit to the Museum” was traditionally held in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum on the occasion of International Museum Day (May 18). The event was dedicated to the 155th anniversary of Yelisavethrad architect Yakiv Pauchenko.
    Unfortunately, this year as well as the previous, the museum worked for the visitors in a mixed format due to the lockdown and the restrictions to hold the public events of a maximum of 20 people. With an online format, the museum used the potential of the Internet to the maximum and the on-museum format was in compliance with the established restrictive anti-epidemic measures regarding the number of visitors and the mask regime.
    The theme of International Museum Day in 2021 was suggested by the International Council of Museums: “The Future of Museums: Recover and Reimagine”. Now, the social role of the museums has changed; in fact, they are the cultural centers that function as platforms where creativity is combined with the knowledge, and visitors can also create, share, and interact.
    This year “A Visit to the Museum” to International Museum Day became an educational event as well as a great opportunity to get aesthetic pleasure from contemplating works of modern artists and creative youth. All the museum events were dedicated to the 155th anniversary of Yakiv Pauchenko, an architect whose buildings are landmarks of Kropyvnytskyi. Various sections of “A Visit to the Museum” event which have already become popular among the visitors, in particular – “Museum Lectures”, “Museum Portal”, “Museum Art-School”, “Museum Gallery”, and “Museum Photo Showroom”, presented the architectural activity of Yakiv Pauchenko – an uncle of Oleksandr Osmerkin, in whose house currently the museum is located on the street named after the architect.
    The art events started with a public lecture and photo presentation “An Artist of Architecture Yakiv Pauchenko” in the section “Museum Lectures”. At the presentation, were displayed architectural projects and numerous documents on the architectural work of Yakiv Pauchenko, photographs of the exquisite interiors of his house and color photos of the buildings constructed on his projects, which now are the landmarks of the historical center of the town.
    “Museum Portal” offered an online themed exhibition “Art Visions of the Architect’s House” on the museum website in the section “Some Exhibitions”; and the “Museum Movie Theatre” offered video “Architecture of Ya.Pauchenko” which was shot in the museum on the TV channel UA:KROPYVNYTSKYI and UA:Ukrainske Radio Kropyvnytskyi https://kr.suspilne.media/episode/39714
    Although the traditional art event “Art Workshops” wasn’t held this year, but the exhibition of children’s drawings “Architectural Portrait of Yakiv Pauchenko’s Town” from the museum collection was presented in the section “Museum Gallery”.
    “Museum Photo Showroom” was very interesting for the visitors; they took pictures in the interior of the memorial items from the house of the architect Yakiv Pauchenko to remember their visit.
    A meet-and-greet event with Merited Artist of Ukraine Serhii Shapovalov was special for the visitors. The artist conducted a guided tour around the displayed exhibition “Pictorial Impromptu of Serhii Shapovalov” within the art project “In the Artist’s Studio”. Everyone the present – the museum staff, friends, and colleagues of the artist, and a young artist Mariika Baraniuk congratulated Serhii Havrylovych on his birthday, which was on May 15. They wished him creative inspiration and successful realization of his artistic ideas. The museum director Vita Chernova and the leading researcher of the museum Merited Artist of Ukraine Andrii Nadezhdin presented the guest book of the exhibition, the chief curator of the Museum of Music Culture named after Karol Szymanowski Olena Klassova expressed her positive feelings about the artist’s paintings, and the well-known Kropyvnytskyi, press photographer of “Vechirnia Hazeta” Oleksandr Shuleshko presented the author’s colored photo that captured the fragment of the meeting in the painter’s studio when Serhii Havrylovych played violin.

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Emblem of International Museum Day 2021 Poster of “A Visit to the Museum 2021” Poster and the exposition of the exhibition of children’s drawings “Architectural Portrait of Yakiv Pauchenko’s Town”

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Meet-and-greet event with Merited Artist of Ukraine Serhii Shapovalov

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At the event