Cultural and art event "A visit to a museum"

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   This year traditional event "A visit to a museum" that took place in A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum on May 18, 2012 on International Museum Day was characterized by a variety of cultural and art events dedicated to the 120th anniversary of A.A.Osmerkin, a prominent artist and teacher of the 20th century.
   The following events were held in the museum: - presentation of a collection of rare exhibition catalogues of famous Russian painters - A.A.Osmerkin's students; - lecture on the peculiarities of creative search of the artist; - demonstration of a documentary film "Golgotha of the artist A.A.Osmerkin", from the funds of Gosteleradiofond (State Television and Radio Fund) of the Russian Federation. The film was shot in 1898 during the opening of a retrospective exhibition of A.A.Osmerkin's works in the Central House of Artists in Moscow. The artist's wife Nadezhda Georgievna told about harsh collisions of career of outstanding artistic personality. This unique film was shown to the public for the first time and caused a great interest in museum visitors.
   But the museum fest zest was art studios of the pupils from the Fine Arts Department of Kirovograd children's school of arts, under the direction of Galina Yarovaya-Vintenko. An express-exhibition of the young artists' drawings -"Museum fantasies" was organized as a result of the studios.
   After listening to a story of the foundation of an ancient house children drew the interiors of its halls, showing their original imagination and inventiveness. Near memorial items, that decorated the house in the past, appears a figure of a young A.A.Osmerkin, as if he stepped out of the self-portrait of 1913; images of musicians appear at the piano "Bluthner" (1904).
   Curiously enough, but later this museum fairy-tale turned out to be true, because the whole event was finished by the concert "Melodies of a soul", of pupils and teachers of Kirovograd children's music school 1 named after G.G.Neygauz. Enchanting sounds of classical instruments harmoniously supplemented music of A.A.Osmerkin's paintings, merging into one orchestra of triumph of art in such complicated, full of contrasts world of modern town.

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