Museum Photo Zone in the Interior of Memorial Items

    On June 19, 2021, a cultural and educational charity event “Doors Open Day” was held on the occasion of the museum opening (June 21) in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. All the museum visitors were able to explore the exposition of the memorial hall, the displayed exhibitions of Ukrainian Fine Art, join interesting guided tours, communicate with the scientists.
    On this day, the museum prepared a unique art idea for those who love fine art and history. The museum announced the event - “Museum Photo zone in the Interior of the Memorial Items” and the time it is available for visitors. It is aimed at popularization of the museum, involvement of visitors of different age groups, education of high aesthetic tastes. The themed statiñ exhibition “Life and Career of the Artist and Pedagogue Oleksandr Osmerkin” is displayed in the main hall. The unique museum items are grouped according to the following complexes – “The House of Pauchenko-Osmerkin’s Family” and “The Artist’s Studio”. The gem of the event is the memorial grand piano - an antique musical instrument manufactured by the German company Bluthner. It is almost 120 years old but still fascinates with its soft sounds and creates the special atmosphere and sense of the spirit of the epoch. Those locations became museum photo zones which were marked with a special floor sign.
    The terms of the art event “Museum Photo zone in the Interior of the Memorial Items” are the following: a visitor or group of visitors take a photo in the museum photo zones and outside the grand museum building, send it to the museum email with the theme “Museum Photo Zone” by August 31 this year. The best photos will be chosen by the museum researchers and the photo experts and will be displayed on the museum website in the exposition of the online exhibition “Photos of the Museum Visitors in the Interior of the Memorial Items” to the Town Day in September. The author of the most unusual photo will get a prize – a personal photoshoot with the professional photographer in the museum memorial hall.
    Dear guests, we present you the legendary memorial items from the house of one of the creators of the historical center of the modern Kropyvnytskyi, a talented architect of Yelisavethrad Yakiv Pauchenko as well as from the studio of his nephew, Professor of Painting Oleksandr Osmerkin – a magical lantern which can make your cherished dreams come true if you wish it at the photoshoot, a palette which will fill you with wisdom and optimism when you will take a photo near it, and of course the antique grand piano, which will make you feel like a real pianist and give you harmony so you can open your heart for unconditional love. Don’t forget about the enigmatic carved door; it will become an amulet for achieving your career plans. And a photo by the Mauritanian table will protect your family's comfort. The elegant 1899 museum building and its age-mate - a tall fragrant linden whose branches remember many events, will give you life energy and health so needed during these trying lockdown times. We welcome those who appreciate art, love history, and believe in miracles…
    It is pleasant to say, that the first visitors of the art event were our colleagues and friends who came to congratulate us on the museum feast – the chief curator of Kropyvnytskyi Museum of Musical Culture named after Karol Szymanowski, a well-known local history expert and guide Olena Klassova, the head of the Department of Fine Art of Children School of Arts in Kropyvnytskyi, an artist Olha Krasnopolska, who presented a personal exhibition of paintings and graphic works “Half a Head” in the museum last year, a student of Music School No.1 named after Heinrich Neuhaus in Kropyvnytskyi Ihor Chernov.

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Sing of the art event
“Museum Photo Zone”

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Photo Zones in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum

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First participants of the art event “Museum Photo Zone in the Interior of the Memorial Items”