Filming in the Museum

    On July 24, 2021, a TV crew from Kyiv shot one of the episodes for a TV show “Inside Music” in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. The episode featured a Ukrainian composer, a laureate of international competitions Oleksandr Shchetynskyi, and a musician from Kropyvnytskyi, master’s student of Lviv National Musical Academy named after Mykola Lysenko, a flute player Roman Iievskyi. The key theme of the film was the rehearsal of the composer and the musician who performs his work “Concerto for Flute and Orchestra”. The rehearsal was shot in the museum memorial hall featuring the antique grand piano.
    The cultural and educational project “Inside Music” is realized by the nonprofit organization “Gifts of Music” under the sponsorship of the Ukrainian Cultural Fund. It presents four docufiction episodes, 47-50 minutes each, about the development of modern Ukrainian academic music during the period of Independence of Ukraine, featuring the following Ukrainian composers Oleksandr Shchetynskyi, Sviatoslav Luniov, Alla Zahaikevych, and Maksym Shalyhin. The author of the project, as well as the producer and production director Anastasiia Suprun-Zhyvodrova came to our town together with the production team and supervised the process of film creation. The premier is set on October 2021 at the Ukrainian documental satellite channel Epoque.
    A composer and pedagogue famous in Ukraine and beyond Oleksandr Shchetynskyi is the author of more than 100 musical works, which cover the majority of genres – from opera, vocal-symphonic, and choir compositions to chamber-ensemble and solo. He has been to Kropyvnytskyi many times, but it was the first time he visited the museum. He enjoyed exploring the exposition of the memorial hall and the displayed exhibition accompanied by the museum director Vita Chernova, who told him and the production crew interesting facts about the life of the architect Yakiv Pauchenko and the artist Oleksandr Osmerkin. He was impressed by the creative atmosphere in the museum, and especially by the antique Bluthner grand piano, by its state and soft sound. The composer expressed his wish to perform a concert in the museum. Oleksandr Shchetynskyi knows cinema from the inside because he composed music for the films by a well-known Ukrainian film director, scriptwriter, and modern art curator Ihor Podolchak – independent films “Lass Meninas” (2008), “Delirium” (2012) and “Merry-Go-Round” (2017). The music in the films is self-sufficient as a semantic counterpoint to text and video. The composer patiently shot all the takes, understanding the importance of a high-quality TV product made at a high professional level.
    All the members of the crew were coordinated, professional, and creative. The cameraman Mykola Zhyvodrov found interesting angles and unique locations not only in the memorial hall but also in the one with tapestry décor and in the lobby with a mirror wall that created visual illusions. In the end, there was a panoramic airshooting of the museum building by the drone and of course a photoshoot outside the magnificent building.
    The local media paid attention to the unique event. The shooting process was captured on camera by the well-known Kropyvnytskyi photographer, Merited Journalist of Ukraine Ihor Demchuk. He prepared an interesting photo report for the newspaper “Ukraina-Tsentr”.

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Concept of the cultural and educational project of the TV show
“Inside Music”. Author, producer, production director -
Anastasiia Suprun-Zhyvodrova. Kyiv

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Photo report by Merited Journalist of Ukraine Ihor Demchuk
for the newspaper “Ukraina-Tsentr”

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During the filming in the museum