Creative meeting with People’s artist of Ukraine Mikhail Nadezhdin

   Creative meeting between People’s artist of Ukraine Mikhail Nadezhdin and students of the Department of Art of V.Vynnychenko Kirovograd State Pedagogical University took place in the museum within the framework of the presentation of personal exhibition “Pictorial symphonies by Mikhail Nasezhdin” from the series of art exhibitions “Laureates of A.A.Osmerkin Regional Award in fine arts and study of art”.
   The painter was introduced by the dean of the Art Department, Professor Leonid Babenko, who also was honoured with A.A.Osmerkin Award in 2012 in the nomination “study and history of arts”. Communication was sincere and ingenuous. M.Nadezhdin told about his hard life and creative development in art, gave some useful pieces of advice in mastering of artistic skills, conducted a tour around the exhibition, telling stories about the way certain work were painted. The students had a unique opportunity to get acquainted with a creative laboratory of the artist, get to know his thoughts and emotions that induced to the creation of paintings.
   To complete the meeting M.Nadezhdin presented to the Art Department a unique art album “The Nadezhdin’s Family”, published in Kiev in 2005, and wished students to reveal their creativity.

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