Extravaganza of dances

   On March 5, 2013, on the eve of a wonderful spring holiday, a concert of pupils and teachers of Kirovograd children’s music school ¹1 named after H.Neihaus “Extravaganza of dances” took place in the museum. Music of dances by the authors of different epochs sounded in the program of the event – “Minuet” by J. Haydn, “Walz” by A.Ivanov-Kramskoi, “Polka” by D.Shostakovich, “Tarantella” by G.Cooper, “Spanish dance” by Manuel de Falla and other musical works.
   The majority of the participants are laureates of all-Ukrainian and international competitions. Teachers showed a master-class to young musicians. Especially bright was performance of chamber orchestra of Kirovograd Musical College under the direction of Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine N.Hilobokova.

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