The Audience Award

   Celebrations of this year Town’s Day took place on September, 21 and A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum took an active part in it by presenting several theme exhibitions on the streets of the town for Kirovograd inhabitants.
   Photo and documentary exhibition “Town of Yakov Pauchenko” was shown on Dvortsova Str. in “Historic block”. The exhibition attracted attention of people by the photographs of the buildings, which beautify the centre of the town, built on the projects of famous Elisabethgrad architect Ya.Pauchenko, and also by the copies of unique documents an dphotographs from the museum collection.
   Two more but not less interesting exhibitions were shown on Teatral’naya Square near Kirovograd regional academic musical and drama theatre names after M.Kropivnitski. The exhibitions were presented in the framework of the competitions of museum sector of II Centre-Ukrainian museum-tourist festival, which was held that day: “Palette of the artist Alexander Osmerkin” in the framework of competitions of exhibitions of one item from the museums’ collections; and also “Advertising and printing editions of A.A.Osmerkin Kirovograd Art-Memorial Museum” in the framework of competition of presentation of museum publications of tourist and local history sector for which the museum received the audience award, which if the best and probably the most just appreciation of the museum work.

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