Art horizons of Anatoliy Yanev

   On October 3, 2013 a personal exhibition of works by famous Ukrainian painter, Honoured artist of Ukraine Anatoliy Yanev was opened in A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. Also a presentation of catalogue “Art horizons of Anatoliy Yanev” took place on the same day. This event was held in the framework of the project of the series of art exhibition “Laureates of A.Osmerkin regional award in the sphere of art and history of art”, which was set up by the museum.
   The objective of the museum project is popularization of creative works of Kirovograd artists – laureates of A.Osmerkin regional award in the sphere of art and history of art, which was established in 2005, in three nominations “national tradition” and “modern tendencies”. The project presupposes organization of personal exhibitions and publishing of catalogues with articles about artists and reproductions of their best works.
   Artists, teachers and students of Art Department of V.Vynnychenko State Kirovograd University and simply admirers of his works congratulated the painter not only on the opening of the exhibition but also on awarding of dignity “Honoured artist of Ukraine”, which he received in June, 2013.
    A performance of string quintet “Miniature” of teachers of Kirovograd music school ¹3 was a musical present for the painter and the audience.

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Honoured artist of Ukraine A.Yanev Catalogue of the exhibition “Art horizons of Anatoliy Yanev” Opening of the exhibition of works by honoured artist of Ukraine A.Yanev Congatulation of the director of A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum V.Chernova

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Congratulation from People’s artist of Ukraine, chairman of Kirovograd regional organization NUAU M.Nadezhdin Congratulation from the teacher of Art Department of V.Vynnychenko State Kirovograd University, a member of NUAU V.Davyov Congratulation from the director of children art school named after A.Osmerkin A.Ivanova Congratulation from the staff of Kirovograd regional art museum Musical congratulation from string quintet “Miniature”