Festive museum event

   On May 17, 2014 a cultural and art event “A visit to a museum”, dedicated to International Museums Day (May 18), was held in A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. This year event was characterized by a variety of interesting activities dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Museum.
   The event began with the presentation of video project “Museum kaleidoscope” which took everyone back to June 24, 1994 – the day when A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum was opened.
   One of the components of “A visit to a museum” is a presentation of items from the museum collections, which can not always find a worthy place in the museum exposition. This year is 175th anniversary of the invention of the photography, so the museum presents to the visitors a collection of cameras. More than 30 domestic and foreign cameras made from the early XX century till the 1980s can be seen at the exhibition “Light and shadow” from the cycle “Mysteries of the museum collection”. Visitors can trace the development of phototechnique during 100 years. Visitors have an opportunity to try “time machine” – a unique device – stereoscop, so called “3D format of the XIX century” with the kit of different stereopairs of the late XIX – early XX century: landscapes of European cities Nice, Monte-Carlo, Dresden, Munich, interiors of Versailles, scenes from the plays of opera theatre in Paris and also portraits of charming Frenchwomen form the “Collection of beauties” 1904.
   A traveling exhibition of holograms “Scythian gold” from the collection of Museum of historical treasures of Ukraine was presented within the framework of the art event of the local museums dedicated to International Museums Day and Night in the Museum “I am the people who’s truth strength never has been conquered…”
   But the museum events zest was art studios founded 2 years ago a joint art project of the museum and the Fine Arts Department of Kirovograd children’s school of arts. Pupils of the school under the direction of G.Yarovaya-Vintenko, O.Dubrova and member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine Yu.Vintenko reflected art studios in the halls of the museum. “Art is taught in the museum” – quote by a world famous French painter Auguste Renoir, which was A.Osmerkin’s credo, defined the theme of this year art workshops. And the result was an express-exhibition of the young artists’ and their teachers’ works in which they reflected their impressions and feelings from the contemplation of A.Osmerkin’s paintings.
   This day museum received not only greetings but also a present – head of the Fine Arts Department of Kirovograd children’s school of arts, a well-known town painter and collector Yu.Vintenko gave a real rarity to the museum collection – a postcard of the 1930s with A.Osmerkin’s reproduction “Communist reinforcement of the 19th year". The study to this work is in the museum collection.
    The festive museum event finished with an excursion around the memorial exposition and current art exhibitions.

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Poster of cultural and art event “A visit to a museum” Fragment of the exposition “Light and shadow” Stereoscope and exhibition of the holograms

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Art workshops in the museum

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Installation of the express-exhibition
“Art is taught in the museum”

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Greetings from the museum director V.Chernova Greetings from Honoured painter of Ukraine, leading research officer of the museum A.Nadezhdin

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Presentation of the express-exhibition “Art is taught in the museum” Head of the Fine Arts Department of Kirovograd children’s school of arts, member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine Yu.Vintenko presents a postcard with A.Osmerkin’s reproduction to the museum