Art project “At the crossroads of Elisavetgrad – Kirovograd”
to the 260th anniversary of the town foundation

    On September 18, 2014 an opening of the exhibition “Dvortsova Street – the past and the present” of author’s photographs by a well-known Kirovograd photojournalist Igor Demchuk took place in A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. The exhibition was held within the framework of the art project “At the crossroads of Elisavetgrad – Kirovograd” initiated by the museum to the 260th anniversary of the town. The aim of the project is to present streets of Kirovograd in photographs showing succession of architectural language from the town foundation to the present as indissoluble history of construction of an integral urban environment, recreating life of dwellers and visitors of the town, and to awake interest of vast masses in studying their past.
    Dvortsova Street is one of the longest main central streets of the town where significant historical and architectural monuments are situated. They were constructed by prominent architects of the past A.Dostoevskyj, O.Lyshnevckyj, Ya.Pauchenko and also by modern authors – continuators of past traditions, laureates of Regional Award in the sphere of architecture, heraldy and vexillology and decorative and applied arts named after Yakov Pauchenko.
    Architectural gems of the past and the present merge into one time extension in the photographs that are shown at the exhibition. The photographs are full of life in all its manifestations – holidays and work days, children’s smiles and payment of last respect to the heroes, admiration for art beauty and desire to create, fill one’s consciousness and so the future with light and joy.
    The author’s slide show by I.Demchuk was presented during the opening of the exhibition. It showed Dvortsova Street with its architectural creations and interesting everyday stories of Kirovograd dwellers. A theme booklet “Dvortsova Street – the past and the present”, made by the museum staff, was also presented. All visitors had an opportunity not only to receive the booklet but also to get an autograph from the master.

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Igor Mykolayovych Demchuk Congratulations from the museum director V.Chernova Congratulations from the head of the Department of culture and tourism of Kirovograd town council A.Nazarets

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Congratulations from the head of Kirovograd regional organization of National Union of photo artists of Ukraine V.Moschinski Congratulations from the Honoured journalist of Ukraine B.Kumanski Congratulations from teh director of Kirovograd musical school ą2 named after Yu.Meitus, Honoured worker of culture of Ukraine V.Revenko

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Booklet “Dvortsova Street –
the past and the present”
Commendation from O.O.Osmerkin
Art-Memorial Museum to Igor Demchuk

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During the presentation of the exhibition