Gem in the centre of Ukraine

   On September 19, 2015 on Town Day a photo exhibition “A gem in the centre of Ukraine” was opened in a public garden on Dvortsova Str. More than 30 colour photos of modern town sceneries – central streets and squares, embankment, monuments to prominent people – were shown at the exhibition.
   A separate section of the exposition was photographs of architectural buildings constructed on the projects of a famous Elisavetgrad architect Ya.Pauchenko (1866-1914), whose 150th anniversary will be celebrated in 2016. Photograph of a well-known architect, who was predetermined to become one of the creators of an architectural complex of our town, is shownnear to his architectural works.
   The buildings are now monuments of architecture and urban planning of local importance, including the architect’s house, where O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum is situated.

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