CD "A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum"

"A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum"
Disk presentation

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   Art-publishing project "CD "A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum", presented on the 25th anniversary of the museum, is the result of about two-year work of the museum creative team led by the director Vita Chernova. She was initiator of the project creation and also acted as an editor.
   Selection of photos and document materials was made by the main curator of the funds Irina Dyachuk. The author of the majority of articles and art studies is Andrey Nadezhdin - museum researcher, artist and art historian, member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine. Andrey Nadezhdin also developed art design of the disk. Certainly, the project wouldn't be possible without photo-reproductions of paintings of A.A.Osmerkin and his students. The photo-reproductions were made by Ihor Demchuk - Kirovograd well-known photojournalist, member of the National union of photo-artists and journalists of Ukraine.
   Web-master Dmitry Mishyn reformatted the materials into electronic form and made computer disk layout. The texts are adapted into three languages - Ukrainian, Russian, English by Viktoriya Pidorenko, lecturer of Kirovograd National Technical University.
   Art-publishing project "CD "A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum" is a unique informational project in which the original displays and documents from the museum collection are used. They tell a wide range of art lovers about the museum work, introduce the peculiarities of A.A.Osmerkin's creative and teaching work, and enlighten personality of Elisavetgrad architect J.V.Pauchenko and his influence on the further work of Alexander Osmerkin.

   CD "A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum" consists of four thematic blocks:
      I. "History and work of the museum". Tells us about the history of museum foundation and its work since its opening in 1994, introduces the creative work of contemporary artists - laureates of Regional Alexander Osmerkin Award in fine arts and study of art;
      II. "Alexander Osmerkin's life and creative work". Covers the artist's life and peculiarities of the development of his creative personality;
      III. "Jakov Pauchenko - artist of architecture". Presents life and creative work of the architect, his influence on the artistic choice of A.A.Osmerkin;
     IV. "Alexander Osmerkin's Art School". Reveals characteristic features of A.A.Osmerkin's educational system and creative work of A.A.Osmerkin students'.

   A peculiar feature of the issue is the usage of interactive texts. Viewing material of the sections is supported not only by introductory articles but also by publications and investigations made by the museum researchers. All the information is supplemented by the illustrative materials that help to highlight the theme of the research.
   Separate sections - "Museum history" and "Peculiarities of the architectural style" are supported by the video materials - the fragments of the programs created by Kirovograd Regional State Broadcasting Company and the museum in different years.
CD "A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum" is intended for a wide range of art lovers and experts, it has scientifically-educational and art-aesthetic character.