Personal online exhibition of graphic works by
Dmitry Mishyn
“Visualization of Subconscious Adapted”

     A personal online exhibition of graphic works by Dmitry Mishyn “Visualization of Subconscious Adapted” presents the original creative works of a well-known web-master.
    Mishyn Dmitry Petrovych was born on June 8, 1951, in the village of Yashkyno, the Orenburh Oblast in the family of exiled special migrants. Has been living in Kirovograd (now Kropyvnytskyi) since 1961. Has higher technical education, mechanic engineer. Graduated from Kirovograd Institute of Agricultural Engineering, now Central Ukrainian National Technical University in 1975.
    Worked as a constructor engineer in Joint Stock Company “Kirovograd Institute of Design and Engineering “Hruntposivmash”, as a teacher in Kirovograd College of Agricultural Engineering (now Kropyvnytskyi College of Engineering of Central Ukrainian National Technical University) and in Kirovograd Institute of Agricultural Engineering, now Central Ukrainian National Technical University. Was engaged in professional research on agricultural engineering, fluid dynamics, building mechanics, hydraulics, foundry, ecology, occupational safety and health. Has numerous published scientific and methodological works.
    Has been engaged in amateur cinema for almost twenty years – as a freelance correspondent – cameraman in Kirovograd Regional Television, headed the amateur production studios. Is a laureate and diploma winner of all-Ukrainian competitions of amateur cinema.
    Currently, is a webmaster. Has created and manages the websites of the following institutions of culture and art – gallery “Elisavetgrad”, O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum, Ivan Karpenko Kary Literature and Memorial Museum, the People’s Memorial Museum of Heinrich Neuhaus, as well as personal website of a famous chorus conductor, Merited Art Worker of Ukraine Yurii Liubovych. In 2005, the web page of Kirovograd Regional Art Museum (now the Museum of Arts) of the web site ELISAVET got 1st place in the nomination “Museum Website” at all-Ukrainian Museum Festival “Museum of the Third Millennium” in Dnipropetrovsk (now Dnipro).
    The result of Dmitry Mishyn’s creative search in computer graphics is the original author’s works that were presented for the first time at the personal exhibition “Visualization of Subconscious” in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum in October 2006. A participant of the first Biennale of Naïve Art and Primitivism “Velour Cat” named after Andrii Lipatov to International Day of Cultural Workers and Folk Art Masters in Kropyvnytskyi in 2020.
    The exposition of the current exhibition consists of seventy graphic works of the author’s art project “Visualization of Subconscious Adapted”. “Behind the visualization of the images, the author’s used the approach of Rorschach test with the further individual graphic interpretation which gives them features of separate finished works. In this case, inkblot is created by the author or another person and then with the help of computer graphics images, which have meaning according to the author, are derived from it. Dmytry Mishyn’s perfect compositions are characterized by the aesthetics of lines and textures completed with colored inclusions which concentrate the attention, as well as by the clear themes and plots. Previously mysterious inkblots are deprived of abstraction and are turned into specific symbols and signs that act as images of the author’s personal experience and idiomatic messages of perception and evaluation of modern where tragic and comic interlace and lose their natural peculiarities, generating cynicism and irony. The titles of the works in Russian, English, and Chinese, which is the consistent part of images, accentuate the apocalyptic mood of mysteries of the informational net world. It is a new special form of artistic self-expression of modern conceptual art” – mentioned the leading researcher of the museum, art history expert, Merited Artist of Ukraine Andrii Nadezhdin in the booklet to the exhibition.

    For reference: The Rorschach test is a psychological test to examine a person's personality; it was developed in 1921 by Swiss psychologist Hermann Rorschach. A test subject is asked to interpret ten inkblots. Each image serves as a stimulus to free associations – a test subject must name any word, image, or idea he/she has. The test is based on an assumption that what an individual sees in an inkblot is determined by the characteristics of his own personality. By comparing the content of associations-fantasies with what has already been known about the changes in a personality and motivational sphere of the individual, Rorschach concluded that these associations are equivalent to dreams. It turned out that inkblots are able to reveal the deep desires or fears which are at the core of longstanding unresolved personal conflicts. The important information about the needs of a person, about things that make a person happy or sad, things that bother her\him and things he\she has to put down and turn into subconscious fantasies can be derived from the content or plot of the association caused by inkblots.

    Dmitry Mishyn presented the displayed graphic works to the collection of O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. Two graphic portraits of Dmitry Mishyn created by his fellow artist Mykola Reshetniak in 1971, when they were 20 years old, complete the exhibition. By the way, one of the portraits depicts the future Dmitry Mishyn when he is 70 years old. These portraits and several other drawings by the famous artist and completest Mykola Reshetniak (1951-2018), who later emigrated to the USA, and while living in New York had still exhibited a lot, Dmitry Mishyn also presented to the museum collection.

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Poster and booklet of a personal online exhibition
of graphic works by Dmitry Mishyn
“Visualization of Subconscious Adapted”

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Mykola Reshetniak
Portrait of Dmitry Mishyn

Sepia on paper
42õ29,5 cm
Mykola Reshetniak
Portrait of Dmitry Mishyn

Pastel on paper
29,5õ42 cm

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Dmitry Mishyn at the presentations

Dmitry Mishyn
Author’s works from the series “Visualization of Subconscious Adapted”

Author’s technique, computer graphic on paper
30x21 cm, 21x30 cm

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