Biennale “Velour Cat” named after Andrii Lipatov

    On May 29, 2020, on the day of birth of the talented artist, a member of the National Union of Folk Art Artists of Ukraine Andrii Lipatov (1960-2010), a scientific concept of exposition, exhibition, and art project “Biennale of Naive Art and Primitivism “Velour Cat” named after Andrii Lipatov was presented in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. The presentation was held to all-Ukrainian Day of Cultural Workers and Folk Art Masters (November 9). The concept was developed by the leading researcher of the museum, Merited Artist of Ukraine Andrii Nadezhdin.
    The art project is aimed at preservation and development of the original folk traditions in the modern amateur and professional visual art; promotion of visual art as one of the effective means of the Ukrainian culture development that enables assertion of civil society; cultivation of patriotism; perpetuation of the memory of the unique Naive master, fellow artist Andrii Lipatov. Nowadays, Naive and Primitivism embody a fresh, clear view of life, as well as consciousness, that isn’t limited by rules and formalities of civilization, naturalness and harmony, that adds new elements of expression to modern visual art.
    The themed exhibition “Let’s meet on Saint Andrew's Day” encouraged the foundation of this unique art project. The exhibition was dedicated to the memory of Andrii Lipatov and held on December 13, 2019, in the museum.
    A painting “Velour cat” (1998) by Andrii Lipatov is kept in the collection of Oleksandr Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. This painting gave the title to the artproject and became the basis of its logo and design of the certificate of participation in the Biennale. This work with the image of velour cat on the red pillow in the unique framing decorated with the image of sweets in the form of animals, birds, and holiday bakery does not only reflect the author’s view of the surrounding world but also becomes his self-portrait, and the monogram “A.L.” on the cat’s side points to that. Thanks to its ingenuousness and high artistic professionalism it reflects the general mood of two artistic styles – Naive art and Primitivism.
    Statutes of “Biennale of Naive Art and Primitivism“Velour Cat” named after Andrii Lipatovto all-Ukrainian Day of Cultural Workers and Folk Art Masters” will be published after discussion and ratification by the co-organizers of the art event before August 1, 2020.

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Artist Andrii Lipatov

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Andrii Lipatov
Velour cat
Oil on canvas, cardboard
Logo of the Biennale

Scientific concept of “Biennale of Naive Art and Primitivism
“Velour Cat” named after Andrii Lipatov”