Personal Online Exhibition of the Works of Book Graphics by
Halyna Shulakova “Magical World of Childhood”
to International Children’s Book Day

    The personal online exhibition of works of book graphics by Halyna Shulakova “Magical World of Childhood” presents art and literature works of Kyiv amateur master and is dedicated to International Children’s Book Day.
    International Children’s Book Day is celebrated annually on April 2 on Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. This holiday was initiated by the International Board on Books for Young People in 1967 to promote the important role of children’s books in the shaping of the spiritual and intellectual worldview of young people. At this trying and dynamic time when children get information from different resources, works of children’s authors are tested for their future existence.
    Shulakova Halyna Serhiivna was born on April 9, 1954, in Kirovohrad (now Kropyvnytskyi). Graduated from Oleksandriia College of Culture, now Oleksandriia Professional College of Culture and Arts, majoring in “director of a folk theatre” (1977). For many years has successfully worked in the sphere of culture in Kirovohrad (Kropyvnytskyi) – in Art School named after O.O.Osmerkin, the Department of Culture and Tourism of the City Council. Currently, lives in Kyiv.
    First drawing lessons she got in the studio of fine art in the municipal Palace of the Pioneers. A child’s love to express emotions, experience, and thought on paper, both in drawings and in poems, goes through all her life. She draws her compositions with colored pencils, markers also creates them with the help of computer graphics programs complete them with the author’s poetic lines which are an integral part.
    Has exhibited her drawings together with her daughter Anastasiia, graduate of the Department of Foreign Languages of the Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after V.V.Vynnychenko (2001), at the author’s art exhibitions – “Contemplations and fantasies” in Children’s Art School named after O.O.Osmerkin (2006), “Spring Mosaics of Halyna and Anastasiia Shulakovy” to International Cultural Worker and Folk Art Amateurs Day in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum (2008), and different team vernissages. The works are kept in private collections in Ukraine and abroad.
    The exposition of the current exhibition consists of unique creative works which show the art and literature sides of the art work of Halyna Shulakova.
These are the author’s illustrated collections of poems for children: “Dream is fluffing the pillow” (2015), “Magical World of Childhood” (2018), “Poems for Toddlers about Birds and Animals” (2018), “Colorful Months” (2019) and illustrations to the poem of a famous Ukrainian writer, poet, and translator, a member of the Union of Writers of the USSR, born in the Donetsk Oblast Hryhorii Pylypovych Boiko (1923-1978), Hrytsko Boiko, “Meany” (2017).
    The curator of the project of the printed issues is Anastasia Shulakova, design and page layout made by Nataliia Horelikova-Uchak.
    The author’s illustrations of Halyna Shulakova is an incredible world filled with kindness and light, happiness and joy, it gives children a good mood and knowledge. Her drawings are a bright visualization of the content of the poetic miniatures; they help children to explore the surrounding world, nature, interesting things about life on the Earth, and moreover with humor reflects different imperfections of child’s character which often can be found in adults too. Colorful compositions marked with simplicity and clarity of an image where the main character is in the center and the images are emotional and dynamic. Genre drawings are made in a realistic manner understandable for children, with colored pencils on A5 paper with the dimensions 14,8õ21 (cm).
    The characters of art and poetic works of Halyna Shulakova reflect our modern life, encourage readers to contemplate and imagine, suggest to take a break from gadgets and take a book.

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Poster of
the exhibition

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Halyna Shulakova
while working
Halyna Shulakova
with her daughter Anastasiia

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Artist and poet Halyna Shulakova

Book Graphics of Halyna Shulakova

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Halyna Shulakova
“Dream is fluffing the pillow”

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Halyna Shulakova
“Magical World of Childhood”

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Halyna Shulakova
“Poems for Toddlers about Birds and Animals”

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Halyna Shulakova
“Colorful Months”

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Hrytsko Boiko
Author of the drawings – Halyna Shulakova