The exhibition "Museum photo-salon"

A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum has established a good tradition to organize cultural-artistic events "A Visit to the Museum", that presuppose presentation of rare items, for International Museum Day on May 8. The collection of photo-cameras of 1900s - 1980s and the stereoscope, made in Germany at the end of the 19th century, are exhibited in the museum. Different photo albums, books, manuals about history of photography, invention and development of photo-camera are also presented at the exhibition.

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Cameras of Kharkiv industrial machine-building association
"FED": "FED", "Zarya"

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Cameras of industrial association "Kiev plant "Arsenal":
"Kiev", "Salut"

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Cameras of Leningrad optical-mechanical association (Russia):
"Lubitel'", "Leningrad", "Sputnik", "Sokol"

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Cameras of industrial association Krasnogorsk S.A.Zverev mechanical
plant (Russia): "Moscow", "Iskra", "Zorkiy", "Zenith""

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Cameras of German firms production:
"mpur", "Mr tk Domplan", "Solda"

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Camera "Ysh Mat", Japanese production

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Stereoscope, Germany

Stereoscope presented in the exposition was made in Germany in the end of 19 - beginning of 20 century. According to the legend the stereoscope was ordered from Paris by granny of the inhabitant of Kirovograd who gave it to the museum. Jakov Pauchenko took interest in photography and had a good collection of photographs of architectural buildings, and, maybe, his family also entertained themselves by such a "wonder of engineering".

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"Etudes d'apres nature"
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