Theme photo exhibition "Stop and admire"

   Theme photo exhibition "Stop and admire" is exposed in commemoration of the 145th anniversary of Elisavetgrad architect Jakov Pauchenko. The exhibition presents colour art photographs of architectural buildings constructed on the J.V.Pauchenko's projects.
   Pauchenko Jakov Vasilevich was born on March 21, 1866 in Elisavetgrad. He received his first art education at Evening Drawing Classes under Elisavetgrad real school. J.Pauchenko graduated from the School of painting, sculpture and architecture of Moscow Art Society.
   Jakov Pauchenko is one of the architects, who created the unique modern architectural ensembles of the historic city centre of Elisavetgrad. Not for nothing, Regional Award in architecture, heraldy and decorative and applied arts was named after him. The Award was founded in 2002.
   St. Anna's Hospital of the Red Cross (now - Municipal Kirovograd hospital ¹ 2), Golidenberg's electric-water-hospital (now - Municipal Kirovograd hospital ¹ 3), Doctor Vaysenberg's house (now - building of Regional Administration of public health), Doctor Meytus's house (now - Kirovograd G.Neuhaus children's music school), International Credit Bank (17 Lenin Str.), Gostinniy courtyard (now - the building of Security Service of Ukraine), theatre "Illusion" (now - School of Arts), many private houses were built on J.Pauchenko's projects.
   In total J.Pauchenko created more than 20 recorded objects and it's only for 48 years of life. Elisavetgrad newspaper "The voice of South" wrote in 1914: "… a number of buildings created by him, point to his talent as an architect… He was the first to give examples of artistic architecture in our town, and it is his undoubted merit…"
   Jakov Vasiljevich did his best to introduce a spirit of culture and art into provincial town, and his own house (built on the basis of J.Pauchenko's project in 1899, now - Art-Memorial Museum of A.A.Osmerkin) was a base for it. This building had become architect's unique landmark; it is a highly professional example of unification of the leading architecture styles of that time - "brick" and "neo-Russian". The house not only reflected the nature of his creator, moreover it embodied high essence of art - a freedom to choose. Musical and theatrical evenings took place there; projects of future architectural buildings were created in the same house. J.V.Pauchenko's nephew Sasha (future famous painter, professor of art Alexander Alexandrovich Osmerkin) was raised in this atmosphere.
   Jakov Pauchenko died on October 29, 1914 and was buried in Petropavlovskoe graveyard, which does not exists at present. J.Pauchenko's grave had vanished under foundations of new buildings, but his town - in which we live - remained.
   So, the photovernisage "Stop and admire" is, somehow, an invitation to take a walk around the city of Jakov Pauchenko, escaping for a moment from our transient and fussy life, in order to admire wonderful architectural works, enjoy splendid ornaments of the buildings and feel tincture of the past centuries.
   Exhibited photographs are made by Igor Demchuk, a member of the National Union of photoartists and journalists of Ukraine. Photographs in original author's interpretation vividly show style peculiarities fo J.V.Pauchenko's architectural works, underline his creative style, which is characterized by restriction united with a special sense of monumentality, special attitude to architectural detail, preservation of art language principles of the epoch.
   Sense of special "music of stone", potential of photostandard and original exposition search are organically united in Igor Demchuk's photographs, as eclectic and modern historic reminiscences in Jakov Pauchenko's works.
   Carving the fragments of architecture from space of commonness, art photographer Igor Demchuk set us stop and think - what is our modern move into the future, and he makes us realize our attitude to native town, love it and wish to make it beautiful.

osm922m.jpg (12801 bytes) osm923m.jpg (10652 bytes)
Art-Memorial Museum of A.A.Osmerkin, 89 Lenin Str.
Monument of the architecture
. 1899
Architect Jakov Pauchenko's house

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School of Arts, 7 Lenin Str.
Monument of the architecture
. End of the 19th c.
Theatre "Illusion"

osm928m.jpg (4809 bytes) osm929m.jpg (10308 bytes) osm930m.jpg (12769 bytes)
The building of Security Service of Ukraine, 9 Lenin Str.
Monument of the architecture
. End of the 19th c.
Gostinniy courtyard

osm931m.jpg (8456 bytes) osm932m.jpg (7889 bytes) osm933m.jpg (4882 bytes) osm934m.jpg (12212 bytes)
Restaurant “Primo Violino”, 17 Lenin Str.
Monument of the architecture
. 1910
International Credit Bank

osm935m.jpg (4949 bytes) osm936m.jpg (12860 bytes) osm937m.jpg (8304 bytes) osm938m.jpg (5220 bytes)
Building of Regional Administration of public health, 74 Dzezhinskiy Str.
Monument of the architecture
. End of the 19th c.
Doctor Vaysenberg's house

osm939m.jpg (13509 bytes) osm940m.jpg (5517 bytes) osm941m.jpg (5956 bytes) osm942m.jpg (5895 bytes)
Municipal Kirovograd hospital ¹ 3, 45 Lenin Str.
Monument of the architecture
. End of the 19th c.
Golidenberg's electric-water-hospital

osm943m.jpg (5412 bytes) osm944m.jpg (11822 bytes) osm945m.jpg (12594 bytes) osm946m.jpg (17850 bytes)
Municipal Kirovograd hospital ¹ 2, 1 Schors Str.
Monument of the architecture
. 1904
St. Anna's Hospital of the Red Cross

osm947m.jpg (11138 bytes) osm948m.jpg (13244 bytes) osm949m.jpg (10660 bytes) osm950m.jpg (5755 bytes)
Kiovograd G.Neuhaus children's music school, 65 Dzezhinskiy Str
Monument of the architecture
. End of the 19th c.
Doctor Meytus's hous

osm951m.jpg (11216 bytes)
Kirov Regional Council in Kirovograd, 28 Gogol Str.
Monument of the architecture
. 1900
Private hous