Theme exhibition
“Front notebook of painter Mykola Bondarenko”
to the 70th anniversary of Kirovograd liberation

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Fragments of the exposition

The base of the exhibition is made up of the unique and original materials from the museum collection: front notebook with poems and front photo albums with pictures of famous Kirovograd painter M.G.Bondarenko, his sketches to the painting triptych “Condemnation of war”, documents (a letter of brother to front (1944), photos of the painter while working in his studio and numerous photoreproductions of paintings devoted to the feat of soldiers.

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M.G.Bondarenko (standing third from left)
with fellow-officers at the front
Bondarenko’s front notebook with poems

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Letter to M.G.Bondarenko
to the front from his brother

M.G.Bondarenko’s front album with drawings

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M.G.Bondarenko’s sketches and drafts from front albums

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Receipt that M.G.Bondarenko’s painting “Liberation of Stalingrad” was shown at the exhibition in Directorate of Art Exhibitions of Ukraine
M.G.Bondarenko’s identity card – member of the Union of artists of the USSR
Greeting message of the Union of artists of Ukraine on the 80th anniversary of M.G.Bondarenko

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M.G.Bondarenko’s sketches and drafts
for the triptych “Curse of war”


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M.G.Bondarenko in his studio by the triptych “Curse of war”
M.G.Bondarenko in his studio
1980s – 1990s
Booklet “Art exhibition os works by M.G.Bondarenko to the 50th anniversary of the Victory”
Kirovograd, 1995

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Photoreproduction of M.G.Bondarenko’s
painting “Liberation of Bobrynets”

late 1950s
Photoreproduction of M.G.Bondarenko’s
painting “Liberation of Kirovograd in 1944”
late 1950s