Personal exhibition of Ivan Belous “The provinces…”

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Belous Ivan Gnatovych Poster of the exhibition

Current exhibition under a symbolic title “The provinces …” is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the author. Exposition is made up from more than 30 black and white and colour photo works from the series “The provinces” and “Gems of Znamyanka region”, created during 2010-2014.

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Provincial Place of a meeting Woman’s destiny Lyrical Autumn Sunrise in Zarudne

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Autumn forest Black Tashlyck Gems of forest-steppe Gems of the Black forest

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Suburbs of Trepivka Grain field Autumn fantasy Spider’s diamonds

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Harmony of the nature Fishing sags Winter path In Autumn’s captivity

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Road to the past From the series
“The provinces in the past”
Experimental watercolour
“In the open air”
“Cosmic storms”