Personal Alexander Kolominov’s photo exhibition
“Moments from life of Osmerkin Museum”.
Dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the opening of the museum

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Poster of
the exhibition

Current exhibition is a joint project of A.Kolominov and A.A.Osmerki Art-Memorial Museum. Its aim is to present the image of the museum as one of the components of person’s life in XXI century.

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Museum spring Silence and light Photo collage.
In architectural dimension
of Yakov Pauchenko

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simply summer…”
Painters Pleasantly surprised

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An artist of architecture
and an architect of music
Leonid Bondar’s motive Profile and flowers

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Magical talk Simply
a painter
Under gold cover “I will tell you
about art…”

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Fascinated “Music is heard…” Autograph It is life!

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Look In autumn’s lace Window Winter

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Contemporary realities Photo collage.
Listening to music
Photo collage. Meetings.
Natural fortuities

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In sun gleams.
Photo collage.
Behind the curtain
Example of elegance Creativity

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Ardour Hologram Messenger of peace