Museum activity

   Analyzing the work of A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum we can talk about successful realization of many art projects. Certainly the museum was not a pioneer in this sphere, but many events were carried out for the first time in our town.
   Such events as exhibitions to the A.A.Osmerkin’s anniversary – “Artist and a totalitarian regime” (1998), “A.A.Osmerkin’s artistic studio” (2002); an exhibition to the 130th anniversary of Y.V.Pauchenko, A.A.Osmerkin’s uncle – “Y.V.Pauchenko – an artist of architecture” became bright and inimitable. Unique expositions to the International Museum Day - “This magical life of Elisavetgrad” (1996), “Museum photo salon” (2006), exhibition “Museum numismatic collection” (2007).
   An exhibition of works of famous Croatian painter Ivan Croata (1997), which was presented by Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Croatia in Ukraine Djuro Vidmarovich and contemporary Byelorussian painter Vladimir Tereschuk (2003) were shown in the museum. A major event became an exhibition of Kirovograd painters “Colours of the steppe” in the Embassy of Ukraine in the Russian Federation. Not only representatives of diplomatic body of Ukrainian Embassy were present at its opening, but also many cultural workers of Russia, among them – well-known art historian, former director of Russian Museum in St. Petersburg Vasiliy Pushkarev – a friend of People’s painter of the USSR Evsey Moiseenko, A.A.Osmerkin’s student. A wide response in the town was drawn by all-Ukrainian exhibitions that took place in the museum – “Canvases that were subjected to repressions” from the funds of the National Art Museum of Ukraine (1999), “Masters of painting”, “Exhibition of paintings and graphic works of People’s painter of Ukraine Sergey Shishko”, “A high mountain is standing…” to L.I.Glebov’s 175th anniversary, “Taras’s paths” to T.G.Shevchenko’s 190th anniversary, “Drawings of Crimean artists”, “Hortica through centuries” from the funds of Directorate of exhibitions of the National Union of artists of Ukraine, All-Ukrainian exhibition “Picturesque Ukraine” within the framework of annual All-Ukrainian Shevchenko’s days.
   Works of Kirovograd famous painters were exhibited in the halls of the museum – People’s painter of Ukraine Mikhail Nadezhdin and Honoured painters of Ukraine Boris Vintenko and Sergey Shapovalov, Honoured worker of Culture of Ukraine Leonid Bondar, members of the National Union of artists of Ukraine Anatoliy Yanev, Yuri Goncharenko, Andrey Nadezhdin, the Firsov’s family and many others, who became laureates of regional awards such as Regional Alexander Osmerkin Award in fine arts and study of art and Regional Yakov Pauchenko Award in the sphere of architecture, heraldy and veksilology and decorative and applied art.
   The museum has also established relationships with painters from other cities of Ukraine. Exhibitions of such artists were organized: Honoured Art Worker of Galychyna, a member of NUAU Vladimir Lipovoy from Lvov, Honoured painter of Ukrain Ivan Bondar and a member of NUAU Tatyana Sosulina from Cherkassy, a member of NUAU Yuri Petrushinkin form Donetsk.
   The museum has opened many names of amateur painters and folk artists, such as Andrey Lipatov, Nikolay Yavtushenko, Ivan Tkachenko, Olga Kolomiets, Viktor Haschinin, by presenting their personal exhibitions.
  “Gallery of children’s drawings” can be called rather a successful project, its aim is to present exhibitions of children’s creative work, popularize the best works of young artists, give children access to study of fine arts. During this time more than twenty exhibitions of children’s creative work (collective, personal, theme exhibitions, exhibitions-competitions, master classes) were exhibited in the museum. These vernisages are the result of collaboration of the museum and Kirovograd regional center for children and youth and other educational establishments of the town and region. A series of lectures “World of art” were organized within the framework of “Gallery of children’s drawings”. Its main aim is an art general compulsory education of pupils – acquaintance with the history of fine art, development of high aesthetic taste by studying the best samples of graphic works, paintings and sculpture. For encouragement of interest and lecture perception museum staff has developed theme quizzes: “From the history of arts”, “What do you know about the museum?”, “My native town”, “World of fine art”. The museum has conducted many cultural and educational events – “Visit to the museum”, “Open days”, during which theme exhibitions from the cycle “Secrets of the museum collection” were exhibited. No less popular is “Musical lounge”, in the framework of which a lot of concerts took place: concerts of People’s artists of Ukraine - singers Dmitry Gnatuk and Nina Matvienko, violinist Bogodar Kotorovich, laureates of international contests, violinist Oles Semchuk, pianist Anna Segeda and guitarist Andrey Ostapenko, also municipal ensembles of chamber music “Baroque” and “Elisabethgrad musical college”, municipal chamber choir under the direction of Honoured Art Worker of Ukraine Yuri Lubovich, folk and children’s ensembles.
   More than 180 mass events were conducted – creative meetings with painters, awarding of laureates of Regional Alexander Osmerkin Award in fine arts and study of art and Regional Yakov Pauchenko Award in the sphere of architecture, heraldy and veksilology and decorative and applied art, presentation of biographic album manual “Artists of Ukraine”, literary miscellany of Association of artists of Ukraine “Artania”, jubilee envelope "Alexander Osmerkin. 1892-1953" to the artist’s 110th anniversary and “Yakov Pauchenko. 1866-1914” to the architect’s 140th anniversary, museum booklets “A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum”, “The town of Yakov Pauchenko”, “Life of the painter in photographs”.
   Research officers of the museum do an active research work, making scientific items, reports, articles; they have many publications in the local and Ukrainian press (newspapers “Culture and life” and “Ukrainian museum”, magazines “Ukrainian culture”, “Museums of Ukraine”, “Fine art”); they actively participate in All-Ukrainian scientific seminars and conferences on the development of museum work, history of the land, restoration of museum monuments.
   For strong qualifications, active exhibiting activity, success in popularization of fine art the staff of the museum was more than once awarded Certificate of honour of the National Union of artists of Ukraine (1998), Certificate and Diploma of executive committee of Kirovograd town council (2001), Certificate of the Department of Culture of Kirovohrad City Council (2001, 2002, 2005), Diploma of All-Ukrainian project “Travel Ukraine. Leading enterprises. Personalities” (2007), medal “For adherence to traditions” for the participation in all-Ukrainian publishing project “Meet – Ukraine. Tourist paths” (2012). The research officers and director of the museum were made special mentions and awarded certificates of honour from Kirovograd City Council and the Department of Culture and tourism of Kirovograd Regional State Administration (1998-2008). In 2001 and 2012 the museum staff was presented in the City Hall of Fame.
   We invite all worshippers of fine art to visit A.A.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum, to plunge into atmosphere of creativity, see the real painting, which fills every heart with high senses and impel people’s souls to live a full life. Your visit will be the best gift for the museum and appreciation of its lasting activity.

Vita Chernova, director of the museum