Laureates of the Regional Yakov Pauchenko Award


In nomination “architecture”

Ivan Vasyliovych Medynskyy (born 09.01.1939), Kirovograd - a member of the National Union of architects of Ukraine, chief architect of the project of Kirovograd institute “Mis’kbudproekt”, now JSC “Kirovograd institute “Mis’kbudproekt” (1969-1977), graduated from Kyiv Civil Engineering Institute, now Kyiv National University of Construction and Architecture, majoring in “architecture” (1967) – for the development of architectural design of the building of “Ukrsotsbank” Kirovograd office, Lenina Str. (Dvortsova), 25, Kirovograd.

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Medynskyy I.V. Medynskyy I.V.
The building of “Ukrsotsbank”
Kirovograd office,
Lenin (Dvortsova) Str. 25, Kirovograd

In nomination “heraldry and vexilology”

Kostyantyn Vasyliovych Shlyakhovyy (born 17.09.1965), Kirovograd – a member of Ukrainian Heraldic Society, deputy head of Kirovograd regional department of Ukrainian Heraldic Society, leading research officer of Kirovograd regional museum of local studies, graduated from Kirovograd State Pedagogical University named after O.Pushkin, now Kirovograd State Pedagogical University named after V.Vynnychenko, philological department (1987) – for the development (in co-authorship) of projects of symbols of Kirovograd region, Svitlovods’k, Svitlovods’k and Ul'yanivka districts of Kirovograd region.

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Shlakhovyy K.V. Shlakhovyy K.V.
Projects of symbols of the town
of Svitlovodsk, Svitlovodsk and Ulyanivka
districts of Kirovograd region

In nomination “decorative and applied arts”

Nataliya Petrivna Fedorenko (born 14.02.1952), Kirovograd – Honoured artist of Ukraine (2001), a member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine (1990), artist of decorative and applied art (batik, tapestry), associate professor of subdepartment of choreographic disciplines, fine art and design of the Art Department of Kirovograd State Pedagogical University named after V.Vynnychenko (2006), graduated form Lviv State Institute of applied and decorative art (1975) – for the series of works in batik technique “Impressions”, “Harmony of the Universe”, “Birds and Space”.

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Fedorenko N.P.
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Fedorenko N.P.

Batik, silk, painting
160õ80 cm
Fedorenko N.P.
To the hot countries

Batik, silk, painting
140õ240 cm
Fedorenko N.P.
Echo of time

Batik, silk, painting
80õ95 cm
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Fedorenko N.P.
At the crossroads
of feelings

Batik, silk, mixed technique
165õ150 cm
Fedorenko N.P.
Energy of
Scythian steppe

Batik, silk, painting
142õ120 cm