Laureates of the Regional Yakov Pauchenko Award


In nomination “architecture”

Pavlo Petrovych Oliynyk (born 04.10.1964), Kirovograd - a member of the National Union of architects of Ukraine, a chief architect of OJSC “Design and research institute “Kirovogradagroproekt”, graduated from Dnipropetrovsk Institute of Civil Engineering, now Prydniprovs’ka State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, majoring in “architecture” (1986) – for the project of the residential building on Dzerzhynskiy (Viktor Chmilenko) Str. 56, Kirovograd.

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Oliynyk P.P. Oliynyk P.P.
The residential building on
Dzerzhynskit (Viktor Chmilenko) Str. 56,

In nomination “heraldry and vexilology”

Volodymyr Sergiyovych Filimonov (born 24.10.1947), Kirovograd - a member of Ukrainian Heraldic Society (2009), graphic designer of utility enterprise “Dovira” of Kirovograd District Council, studied at Moscow Correspondence University of Fine Arts (1968-1970) – for the creation of the projects of symbols of the villages Sokolivka, Pervozvanivka and Oboznivka, Kirovograd region.

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Filimonov V.S. Filimonov V.S.
The projects of symbols of the
villages Sokolivka, Pervozvanivka
and Oboznivka, Kirovograd region

In nomination “decorative and applied arts”

Yuriy Borysovych Goncharenko (born 29.11.1962), Kirovograd - member of the National Union of artists of Ukraine (1990), painter, graduated from Dnipropetrovs’k State Art College named after Ye.Vuchetych (1985), Kirovograd State Pedagogical University named after V.Vynnychenko, the Historical Department (2002) – for a considerable creative work of recent years which develops and consolidates basic principles of Ukrainian fine art.

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Goncharenko Yu.B.
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Goncharenko Yu.B.
Wood, author’s technique
61õ131 cm
Goncharenko Yu.B.
Spring of water of life
Board, oil, author’s technique
90õ130 cm
Goncharenko Yu.B.
Last musical weapon
Board, oil, copper,author’s technique
82õ34 cm
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Goncharenko Yu.B.
Old Slavonic calendar
Board, author’s technique
60õ60 cm
Goncharenko Yu.B.
Sunny Christmas
Board, author’s technique
60õ60 cm