Online vernissage of Olha Shlapak “Summer – Holidays – Dreams”

    On July 29, 2020, a personal online exhibition of works by OlhaShlapak, the graduate of Children School of Arts in the town of Kropyvnytskyi, “Summer – Holidays – Dreams” was presented in O.O.Osmerkin Art-Memorial Museum. The exhibition was presented online within the art project “Gallery of Children’s Art” on the museum website in the section Some Exhibitions.
    The exhibition was initiated by Yurii Vintenko, the head of the Department of Visual Arts, a member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine.
Last year, Olha Shlapak graduated with honor from the school’s two departments – the Department of Visual Art and the Bandura Department. She is a winner of all-Ukrainian, regional, and local art and music competitions. She continues to develop her skillsin painting, as she plans to study visual arts professionally.
    On this day, Olha Shlapak, together with her teacher and family, came to the museum. Although it was an online vernissage, it still was an important, festive event for the artist. An improvised exposition of drawings by Olya Shlapak from the museum collection “Children’s Creative Works” was prepared in the memorial hall of the museum.
    The museum director Vita Chernova congratulated Olya on the exhibition presentation and presented her with Letter of Congratulations. The leading researcher of the museum, Merited Artist of Ukraine Andrii Nadezhdin presented the young artist with paints and a booklet of the exhibition. Teachers and artists Yurii Vintenko and Olha Krasnopolska wished Olya to enter the Art Department of Central Ukrainian State Pedagogical University named after V.Vynnychenko next year. Bandura teacher Halyna Korinchuk acknowledged her student and mentioned that Olya is a talented personality who is highly supported by her family. Olya’s mother and granny also were present at the event. They thanked the teachers for helping to develop Olya’s creative skills.
    At the end of the creative meeting, all the guests took their smartphones and visited the museum website to see Olya’s exhibition “Summer – Holidays – Dreams”.

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Poster and booklet of the exhibition
“Summer – Holidays – Dreams” of Olha Shlapak’s works
Letter of Congratulations
from the museum

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Olha Shlapak with her teachers Yurii Vintenko, Olha Krasnopolska, and Halyna Korinchuk.
Photo credit: Oleksandr Shuleshko
Congratulatory speech of the museum director Vita Chernova and the leading researcher of the museum Andrii Nadezhdin.
Photo credit: Oleksandr Shuleshko

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Photoshoot in the museum.
Photo credit: Ihor Demchuk

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During the event